when was the last time you bathed in pond water...

in your own bathroom?
boston's main water line busted,
affecting 30 communities and
leaving 2 million people without water.
clean water, that is.
you see, they are pumping water in from reservoirs.
pond water.
coming through our taps.
we have to boil everything.
i can't even bathe my baby unless i boil the water.
never mind that i already fed him 2 bottles made with that water
before i even knew we were supposed to boil it.
{now i'm supposed to watch out for vomiting and diarrhea. fabulous}
all the grocery stores are cleaned out.
you can't get water anywhere.
{we have 4 gallons of water we've been storing under our bed for 2 years. wahoo!}
and don't even think about buying plastic utensils
because those are gone too.
i just attempted to do the dishes,
but got a little overwhelmed by boiling the wash water,
and then boiling the rinse water.
{that's a lot of water}
and i gave up.

we are eating out for the next week.

photo via boston.com


LL said...

Testimony builder of being prepared.
Glad you guys had some water stored....makes me think I need to work on our storage.
Good luck this week. So much more of a challenge when there's a baby.

Launi said...

Ohhhh my. Cause you needed something else to deal with I guess. Sheesh.

Way to go with the stored water though. Earth life can be so...ahhh...you know...earthy.

Be brave.


Curtis, Jen and Shaylie said...

Wow! How crazy! Gotta love that. I can't imagine trying to wash dishes like that!

Two Little Mittons said...

Wow...that really sucks.

LyndiLou said...

Freaking days... I'm sorry that's what you're dealing with. Enjoy eating out! ;) Take pictures if you try something new and yummy! ;) Ha ha ha! Good job on having some water stored!