we go to church in the ghetto.

once upon a time,
my dear husband left his scriptures/books on the top of the car
as he was loading miles into his car seat.
then he drove away.
we didn't realize this until 20 minutes late when a biker-dude pulled up next to my window
and started screaming at me.
i was afraid.
but he was just being neighborly
{like mr. rogers, only on a harley}
unfortunately, the biker dude only saw the gospel principles book up there.
the scriptures were long gone.
so we turned around to go find them.
i mentioned we go to church in the ghetto right?
well we came to an intersection and i got out to look.
my husband proceeded to drive away.
because the light turned green, of course!
abandoning me, in my church clothes, and looking very out of sorts.
even some people from church drove by and stopped.
{"um....are you okay?"
"yeah. my husband just left me here on this corner..."}
its okay.
we were eventually reunited.
he came back for me.
but i was plotting my own kidnapping while i waited.
it was awesome.
apparently he was parked at dunkin' donuts the whole time.
chalk one up for miscommunication.

p.s. this reminds me of the time i lost my little brother in nyc.
i am a great sister, promise. story to come...


Jacki said...

brittany and cooper came to visit tonight and to tell us about their trip to boston. i saw same great pictures of boston/new york/central park etc..
i was also told a story about you getting lost or them getting lost, which ever one sounds better. :) i'm glad you were found safe and sound.

Frosty said...

Plotting your own kidnapping...hehehe. Too funny!

Brittany said...

Kali! Cooper and I could of came and saved you! You need a tracker on you or at least some pepper spray hahaha.

susette said...

I'm glad you are okay dear but what was the fate of the scriptures??

Scott and Kristy said...

I was wanting to know about Wades scriptures also, you know Mothers are kinda funny about stuff like that