harper's {pink & gold} birthday party

my little harper girl is turning one tomorrow.
O N E.
this altogether thrills me and depresses me, varying every other day/hour.

we threw a big party to celebrate.
i hesitate to post these pictures because you are all going to think i am a lunatic for doing this.
but it was a lot of fun to put together and i had a lot of help.
harper may not remember the decorations and presents, but she knows she has a lot of great friends and family who love her lots.

photo booth printables found here and here.
tassel garland tutorial found here.
glitter dipped mason jar tutorial found here.
popcorn box printable found here.
pink popcorn recipe found here.

i borrowed the doors and crates from my cute cousin, tiffany.
the gold mirror was harper's great grandmother's.
and i gathered the rest of the stuff from around my house.
my aunt monica donated her living room and helped me make treats the day before.

and in case you ever want to dip anything in chocolate... don't.
ok, but seriously. it was a learning process. 
chocolate is like, super temperamental.
apparently it doesn't like to get wet.
so melting it in a double boiler is tricky.
on our third attempt, we discovered these, which you can microwave. i got mine at micheal's. and they are already colored! which is awesome. because, like i said, the chocolate can't get wet. meaning you can't dye it with food coloring.

the photo booth

harper's cake smash

we love our harper girl!


"we are happy to-ge-ver!"

i have no doubt this little boy was meant to be mine.
he's my best little friend.

a few days ago, i was feeling kind of crappy about my parenting abilities that day. super tired and stressed and not very much fun to be around.

miles and i had a conversation that went like this:

"miles, am i bad mom?"

"no! you're happy! and miles is happy! and harper is happy!


melt my heart.