i bet you've been wondering about miles's latest and greatest adventures lately...
seeing as his best talent is destruction.
well after he opened his christmas presents a couple weeks early in 2 seconds flat, he decided he needed some more entertainment.
we've been putting vaseline on his lips because they are so dry and chapped.  well i left the vaseline on the counter after putting it on him.  he went to play in his room and i went to do laundry in the room next to him.  the next thing i know, he is running at me, crying, with his eyes squinted shut.  i finally realized that he was covered in vaseline.  and not just on his hands, but from head to toe.  it was so caked on, he couldn't open his eyes.  his hair was greased down and his clothes were destroyed.  after taking pictures of him (i'm a terrible mother), i took all his clothes off, gave him a bath, started the laundry and put on a movie for him while i went on a search for the scene of the crime.  of course there was vaseline on everything in his bedroom. the carpet.  his toys.  it looked like he had actually dunked an entire plastic elephant into the jar.  needless to say, i've been cleaning up vaseline for days.  and i just keep finding more.  do you know how hard it is to clean up vaseline?!


total cheese.

***i just have to say thank you to the amazing people i have in my life.  so many cards and emails and phone calls and texts about my miscarriage. and so many people going through the same thing. it helps to know i'm not in it alone.  i'm so grateful for your concern and support.  i truly have the best friends anyone could ask for and i can't thank you enough for making me feel so loved!***

i love the first picture so much because it is totally miles right now.
so cheesy.
whenever he wants to stay up late or get our attention, he will grab us with both hands on our face and start cheesing it up like this.
it cracks me up.
he's such a ham.

p.s. don't judge his disastrous room.  it is in the need of a serious make-over.  we haven't done anything with it since we moved in except paint and store our old stuff in it (aren't we awful?).  it's taking me forever to choose a bed and a chair!  i really want a fabric recliner/rocker and i can't find the right one anywhere.  suggestions please!


merry christmas!
we are so grateful for this season
and so blessed to call you family and friends.


miles still hates santa

just like last year.

thanksgiving point

last night was the last night i had off work before christmas, so i made wade cancel his young men's activity and hang out with us. bahahaha. i'm evil.  my mom joined in on the fun and we went up to thanksgiving point to see the lights and then we walked around for a few minutes to see the reindeer and the ice sculptures.

midway creche exhibit

a few weeks ago, we went up to the creche exhibit at the homestead in midway with my family.  
it's a huge display of over 900 donated nativity scenes.  they were all made of different things, but my favorite were the african ones (of course).  they were made out of crazy things like bottle caps, soda cans, and even dung(?!).

temple square

we went to temple square to see the lights with our friends maddie and jtyler. 
(who are engaged to get married in february! woohoo! we are half contemplating going to their wedding in SAN DIEGO...who wants to babysit?!)
miles liked the nativity scene, but after that, he was done. he freaked out because his hands were freezing.
but he refused to wear his hat or his gloves. (remember how i said he hates fun?)
so we only stayed for like 15 minutes and then left.
as we were wrestling miles all night, maddie asked us if wade and i ever get to hold hands anymore. 
and wade and i both laughed.
hold hands?
what's that?
but you know what?  i'm sort of okay with it.  its just a new part of life. and if miles is the reason we don't hold hands anymore, then its worth the trade off.  and when we are old and retired, we will have plenty of time to hold hands right? 

wade sportin' his new hat his parents brought back from peru.


discovery gateway

wade had veteran's day off, so we decided to go to lunch and take miles to discovery gateway at the gateway mall.  unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea and the place was a madhouse.  miles still had fun even though there were a kajillion kids running all over the place.  there were a lot of fun things for him to run around and play with.  he almost couldn't make up his mind and just kept running from one place to the next.  i want to take him back again when there are less people. who's up for a playdate?! :)

miles's second birthday

we had a low-key celebration for miles this year.  we just invited my family over for dinner and then watched miles open presents.  even though it was just a few people coming over, i still wanted to make a big deal out of his birthday because i wanted miles to feel like it was a special day.  we did a zoo theme and decorated the house so he would be surprised when he woke up.  when wade brought him out of his room in the morning and he saw the lanterns hanging on the light he said, "ooohhh wow!" he had a good time helping me make his birthday cake and he had even more fun eating it!  and he finally understands opening presents and that there are fun things inside, so it was fun to watch him get excited.