dear porter,

it's memorial day.
a day we are supposed to remember our lost, loved ones.
but i guess that makes everyday memorial day for me.

your headstone is all done.
i've only seen pictures.
i would be there at the cemetery to see it,
to visit you, if i could.
give grandpa a hug for me.
i'll be thinking of you guys.

i dreamed about you the other day.
you were wearing miles' helmet
and doing his sniffing-face-tantrum.
and i laughed and laughed.
and you kept going to leave
but i begged you to stay just a little longer.
so you did.
please come again soon.

love you.


susette said...

Dreams of our sweet Porter are so comforting. I'm so glad you got to experience that.

ari said...

I love it when I dream of my sister and she has been gone 10 years. Crazy how REAL and comforting those dreams can be.

Jacki said...

the headstone for Porter looks great. it is so him.

LyndiLou said...

I think it's sweet how he's in each of your dreams. That's perfect! :) Oh, and so is the headstone. So sweet!