this is miles' chosen position of sleep lately.
i think it has something to do with his helmet.
he used to be a back sleeper
{which is what the doc recommends these days...}
but the helmet made it hard for him to sleep.
so we let him borrow a pillow.
and that thing he is in between?
its supposed to stop him from rolling over.
and now he he just cuddles right up to it.

i just love his gigantic feet and his elbow dimples.


Lindsay said...

Kali you have got the cutest little boy!

susette said...

so sweet! Love him♥

LL said...

I LOVE sleeping babies, there isn't anything quite as sweet!

Jacki said...

It would be tough to sleep with something like that on your head. I love sleeping babies-they look so peaceful and innocent.

Avatar said...

Nice.. he still sleeps well with the helmet. :)