have got to be the worst torture of all time!!! I guess my skin has grown accustomed to cloudy, humid, never sunny Boston and was in for quite a shock after facing the desert sun here in Utah. Let's just say that a half an hour at the pool has left me crispy, red, and lobster-looking. Also, very VERY very itchy.

wade gets here in T minus 73 hours and 10 minutes. I call him no less than 20 times a day. needless to say, I am very happy to soon be reunited with my long lost husband.



hi! I'm in UTAH!
I will now relate to you the lovely experience I had in traveling here. Mind you, I am pregnant. And I will probably remind you of this several times throughout.

My flight was scheduled to leave Boston at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday. I had layover in New York for two and a half hours, and then I was supposed to arrive in Salt Lake at midnight. Well, thanks to jetBlue (who I am usually a big fan of) things turned out a little differently.

The door to my airplane broke. So instead of leaving Boston at 4:30, I waited two and a half hours for them to fix it. A lady at the desk proceeded to re-book everyone's connecting flights, except for those Utah bound. Apparently we had enough time to still make our flight in New York. We left at 7:15, and arrived in New York at 9:05. I RAN my little heart out all the way to my gate. Five minutes too late. I missed my flight.

Now, I've never been one to believe in ridiculous stereotypes. One being that New Yorkers are not the nicest people around. Well, they are not. And I now believe that stereotype. The guy at the gate basically laughed in my face. Another guy at the desk told me there was nothing he could do for me except fly me back to Boston and let me try again all over tomorrow. wow. The next flight to Utah was at 8:30 the next night...and unless I wanted to sleep in the airport, I had better go back to Boston. Thank you, mean man.

Thankfully, there were other people headed to Utah who actually have a backbone. They demanded a hotel room and another flight. After waiting 45 minutes, we were given hotel rooms and another flight. Only, this flight left the next morning to SAN DIEGO. With another layover and THEN a flight to Salt Lake, arriving at 4:30 p.m. ugh. (let me also say that the above mentioned "mean man" proceeded to say, "at least you get to see San Diego." for an hour? from the airport? Yes sir...I should start looking at the bright side huh?) Also, we could not have our luggage back and the only items I had in my carry-on were an ipod, a book, my phone, and my wallet.

The hotel was a dump.
My room smelled like smoke (hello. I'm pregnant).
There was no where to eat and no stores near by. I had fritos for dinner. (eat up, little baby growing inside me).
I spent my first night without my husband since I was married, became a little emotional, and cried myself to sleep (again....those pregnancy hormones will get you every time).

I got up the next morning at 6 a.m. and went back to the airport. At this point I would like you to picture a map of the U.S. in your head. Locate New York City. Now locate San Diego. You are now viewing the longest flight ever. I truly believe that I might as well have left Boston and flown around the world in the opposite direction and I probably would have made it here at the same time.

Longest two days of my life.
I'm tempted to say that the Costa Vida salad I had for dinner when I got here made it all worth it.
Almost....but not quite.