Our 4th of July in Boston was so fun! Every year, Boston puts on a show called the Boston Pop Spectacular in an outdoor theater along the Charles River, which they show on TV. Well, we've heard the crowds are pretty ridiculous, so we went to the dress rehearsal the night before to avoid the pushing and shoving on the actual 4th. Our good friends the Pulsiphers (who wade so lovingly calls the Pulsi-FIRES)got in line super early (thanks guys!) and we got some fairly good seats. But then we had to wait like 5 more hours for the show to start. But don't worry...we brought games, and food, and Wade had his Harry Potter book handy...even during the show...

The best part of the show? Neil Diamond made a special appearance! What is more American than singing "We're Coming to America"? I was pretty excited.

On the 4th, we had a city-style bbq (which sadly, means that we stuck hotdogs and hamburgers on our good old George Forman grill) with the Pulsiphers and went out to Cambridge to watch the fireworks across the river facing the city.

Once again, we had to wait for a really long time. And there was a drunk man next to us who was very angry at Miriam for not having any "dope" to share with him. And then he fell on our chairs and I was afraid. But besides that, it was the best fireworks show I've ever seen! They shoot them all off from big barges in the middle of the river. aaaaamaaazing!

Miriam got cold, so she put the camp chair covers on her legs and I laughed. A lot.

I like glow sticks.


laugh at me (take 2)

Last night, Wade went to bed before me and I was sitting on the couch in the dark with my laptop. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw something move across the pillow next to me. But I thought I was just seeing things, so I ignored it. A few seconds later I saw the movement again, only going across my stomach. Again...I thought I was going crazy, so I ignored it. But the third time, I realized it was something creepy/crawly/nasty scuttling across me and I freaked. I jumped up and screamed Wade's name, scaring him out of his restful slumber. He came running in, thinking I was dying, to see me jumping around the living room, frantically ripping my clothes off, screaming and hysterically crying. Once he had reassured me 12 times that whatever was crawling on me was, in fact, no longer crawling on me, I sat on the couch and continued to sob for ten more minutes. Wade, being the manly super hero that he is, looked through my pile of clothes and found a large CENTIPEDE in my pants, which sent me into more hysterics. So picture this in your head. I'm sure it could be quite humorous (if you're not the person it is happening to) and go ahead and laugh at me. But just know that this time, I am not laughing with you.

*disclaimer: I have been known to be quite emotional. But never really a ridiculous cry baby. I am convinced its the pregnancy. So had this been 6 months ago, I would not have gone into such a fit. Wade begs to differ.


laugh at me

so I was sitting on the couch with my left leg folded under my behind. Apparently in the few short minutes I was sitting like that, my foot fell asleep. As I stood to walk to the kitchen, I found that I could no longer feel my foot, but only a few moments too late. I attempted to step on it anyway, but it folded and buckled and I fell to the floor. Of course, I was home alone. So I just layed there for a minute. I wanted to cry... in fact, I did for a minute. But then I just laughed at myself. Picture this in your head. It was quite funny. And go ahead a laugh at me.



For our anniversary, Wade took me to New York City. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I eventually figured it out (more like forced it out of him...but how's a girl to pack when she has no idea where she's going?!) He even booked an amazing hotel that overlooked the city skyline. It was beautiful!

We spent the day at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We saw the Brooklyn Bridge, 9/11 site, Times Square, Central Park, and then ate dinner at ESPN zone (which I'm obsessed with because I love their nachos...ha) and went to The Phantom of the Opera. In case you don't know about TKTS in Times Square, you should know that you can get super cheap broadway tickets. cheap. As in, our tickets were only 29 dollars. sawweeet!)

(oh, and say hello to my belly.)


wade's birthday

I'm a little behind the times...but I've just had to much to jabber about. So here's Wade's birthday, about a month too late.

wade's birthday-new york

I made tin foil dinners (in the oven, of course. it's the city, ok?) and we ate them at the park overlooking the city. Then we came back to the apartment and had cake and ice cream with some friends. Wade was feeling a little sickly, so instead of blowing his germs all over the cake, he blew out his candles by waving his arms like a lunatic. But it worked nicely. I gave him the board game "Ticket to Ride", which we became addicted to while we were living with Jared and Susan last summer.
(and now we can play all the time when they move here!! J&S...you're so excited right?)
You should also know that while I waited for him to come home from school all day, I made a happy birthday sign, which sadly, never got photographed. Just know that it had a lot of staples, and ribbon, and the room smelled mostly of permanent marker when I was done.

To end, I would like to say:
I love my husband.
I love his birthday.
I love his parents for making him born.



although the title of this post may lead you to believe that i am indeed talking about the weather, i will tell you now that I am not.
it would be fitting, seeing as it has RAINED every single day since I have been back from utah,
but that is another post for another time.

a couple months back, we found ourselves in financial ruin. and by financial ruin, i mean that our money was quickly running out. and I felt that it was all my fault for feeling that morning sickness all day was reason to not work. and I had a nervous breakdown and cried for a long time. basically, wade's school informed us that there was no loan money left for summer tuition (which is what we rely on these days...) we realized that come July, we would be starving and on the streets.

during this catastrophic event of our lives, we had a sunday school lesson on tithing. and a couple in our ward raised their hands to tell us how their loan money ran out for the summer (hmmm....sounds familiar?) and they needed 14,000 dollars for tuition and rent, etc. Somehow, someway, they were able to come up with the money and make ends meet. Well, i must have been feeling rather cynical, because I thought, "wow great for them. but psh. like 14,000 dollars is just going to come raining from the sky."

well, a couple weeks later, we were informed about an apartment that is FREE to live in, you just have to cook and clean for the owners. And guess what. We got it. and if you figure that our rent is 1600 dollars and times that by 12 months (it's simple math, folks), it saves us exactly 19,200 dollars. and when I told my friend tiff, who was sitting next to me at church when i said the above mentioned cynical comment, about our new apartment deal...she said, "yeah kali, like 14,000 dollars is going to come raining from the sky..." and we got a good laugh.

and lucky for us, its not 14,000 dollars. It's 19,200.
i hope money rains on you too.