my wish list

I have spent far too much time thinking about the things I want but can't have, either because they are too expensive (ok...they all are) or there is no where to put them. A girl can dream.


.baby grand piano.
.black toyota corolla.

.canon 50d.


the latest and greatest

I feel like I disappeared. Not just from the blogging world, but from the entire world in general. The sad truth is I spend most of my time these days in bed or on the couch. I'm told this sickness goes away at the end of the first trimester...and I'm counting down the days (and hoping I don't turn out like my mom who was sick for 5 months!) I'm probably going to be struck by lighting for publicizing this, but I don't know how people have more than one child after experiencing it once. I guess it is somehow worth it in the end... :)

Last month, Wade's parents came out and we drove down to Newport, Rhode Island. We saw the famous mansions and got to tour the Breakers. Supposedly, they are just summer houses for rich people back in the day. psh. someone had too much money on their hands... We also did the cliff walk. There was so much fog! I've never seen such a thing! (Thanks mom and dad Poulsen for the great week!)
Yesterday, we went out to Copley Square to stand at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. My heart hurt for those people. They looked like they were in so much pain! But I was also very proud of them. I sure as heck could never do that. It was so fun to be around all the excitement. Hopefully next year we can get a better spot.
One thing is for sure...the humidity is back and ferocious as ever. This weekend is supposed to be 85 degrees and rainy! Hello!! We're just asking for trouble here. Seriously...I would muchly appreciate any genius ideas on how to defeat the frizz that is my hair.

On Saturday, our ice cubes did a strange thing and built an upside down icicle. It was interesting, but not that big of a deal to me. Wade wanted to blog it. I said no. He said why not? I said because it's dumb. He said fine. and then created his own blog just to spite me. For your reading entertainment, I present to you:
Wade's World
He finally has a place to ramble. and now I don't have to edit.

I'm coming home on May 15. I have never looked forward to something so much. I can't wait to see family and friends, visit my favorite restaurants (probably every day), look at mountains again, and breathe some utah air. Also, Cooper is coming home from his mission and Niki is getting married. hurrah!

other news....wade is crazy busy with school writing a new paper every other hour. Somehow he still takes such good care of me. I randomly put my photography blog on craigslist last week. I have no other ideas of how to advertise...but apparently its working! I have some engagements anda wedding coming up! I am so EXCITED!! our apartment is a mess...we are now accepting visitors in exchange for housework. Jared and Susan are coming out in a couple weeks and we can't wait! There is also a little trip down to NYC in the plans to see my friend Tiff who is coming out. Yay! We've been looking for apartments for the fall and its a disaster. I'm still coming to terms with the fact that rent is the amount of a large mortgage payment. But on a better note, spring is here and I couldn't be more happy about that!



um yeah. so were we.
apparently this little guy (or girl) was determined to be born.
we are expecting it's arrival on, or around, October 31.
making me 11 weeks along and very, very, very ill.
(details coming soon...)


i [love] my mom

i fully admit that i am a bad daughter. my mom's birthday was on tuesday and i didn't even send her a card (can you believe?!). but, birthday or not, she is a great lady, and thus deserves the acknowledgment of the world (or at least the blogging world...)

"My mom is a never-ending song
in my heart of comfort, happiness and being.
I may sometimes forget the words,
but I always remember the tune."

-graycie harmon
I don't quite know how she does it, but somehow my mom teaches 50 piano students, works a second job, writes to her missionaries weekly, sends packages to her homesick daughter (thats me), serves in 2 callings, and exercises every single day.
She scrapbooks, gardens, loves her kitty, but most of all loves her family. and takes dang good care of them too. Despite her hectic life, she will drop anything to help one of us, even if its just to chat.

Also, she's a pretty good racquetball player. Ask my dad about the time she broke his nose and gave him two black eyes.

love you, mom!