spring in the public garden

i looooooooooove spring in boston!
its so pretty.
tulips and blossoms everywhere.
miles and i went on a little walk to capture it all before it's gone.
{...and the humidity kicks in and we're all miserable.}


Launi said...

Simply gorgeous my dear. And the water is much better out...than...in.


susette said...

Definitely is a lot prettier than when I was there a month ago :(

LL said...

AMEN! the humidity makes me want to move. ugh.

Scott and Kristy said...

Wow, so very pretty I bet it will all be gone in a month

Jacki said...

very pretty! wish it would warm up here in Utah and STAY warm.

Two Little Mittons said...

Okay so that close up picture of the pick blossoms is my favorite!SO pretty! I want to print it off big and and it on my wall...no lie...hope you don't mind. Don't worry I'll give you the credit.

LyndiLou said...

Such great photos Kali! :) You have such a good eye for beauty!

DMH2B said...

You are so talented! I am so lucky to have my cherished wedding pictures that you produced with such an amazing eye! It's 9 mo's ago today.
You could so SELL these pix. The SOWA craft market is near you each Sunday. You should check it out....even if it is just to stroll through at your own leisure with your family.
I enjoy the photos from you blog more then I can say. It's a gift each time I drop into your blog....and your Mom's!
Thinking of you,