motherhood #5

by Mckenna:

I have over 50 kiddios
10 aged 0-6 | 9 aged 2-3 | 20+ aged 2-6 | & 30 aged 3-12
I am an aunt | a pre-school teacher | a daycare provider | & a primary song leader.

I am not a Mother, but I know that you don't have to give birth to a child, in order to be one.

Children bring me such an incredible amount of joy and satisfaction. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that I have the capacity in my heart to love each and every one of them for who they are and desire the best for their lives and future.

I love their personalities, the way they talk, the things they say, their chubby fingers, the way they say my name, they way they come to me when they get hurt. I love their strengths, I love their weaknesses. I love it when they cry when their feelings are hurt and how easy it is to make them feel better with a snuggle. I love it when they whine for whatever reason and absolutely do not not get away with it with me. I love to tease them and tickle their chicken-legs and sides hearing them giggle relentlessly until I let go, moments later coming back to me wanting me to tickle them more. I love it when they are shy or flirty, I love it when they smile and their eyes light up. I love their squishy diaper butts, and their excitement when they go pee pee in the "paaahty," even if they just do it because the others are doing it. I love it when they are kind to each other and how forgiving they are of each other.

Children's determination, curiosity and faith is unbelievable. They are so willing to try anything independently and to never give up until they've accomplished it, well all until it comes to opening their own snacks it's pretty immediate that they ask for help. Funny how that is.

There are no words that can express the love I have for children. I love knowing that I can be that one person they remember from their childhood. I am so grateful for their effect on me as a can't-wait-to-be-mother, the things I have learned from them, and the chance they have given me to love in a capacity I never thought possible.


LyndiLou said...

This is perfect... such a lovely post! I think anyone and everyone could/should feel this way. What an amazing planet we would have if we all loved and appreciated each other this way! :)

Nikki said...

Very sweet McKenna. I love kids so much too, but goodness they are impressionable. I'm on the fence about having my own. But I do love watching my Nephew and my friend's kids discovering new things. And really there is nothing better than holding a sleeping baby. Even if they're almost 2 and 100 degrees and full of snot ;)

Amy said...

That was lovely!! I ditto your sentiments exactly as I was around so many children for so many years before actually becoming a mother myself! You remember me talking about "my kids" for 10 years, eh?

but just you wait...until they really are!! :)