don't worry

i have been feeling nauseated the past few days.
and after today, i thought, "what the heck? this seems a little familiar."
and i started to get a little worried.
{i guess there's always that 1% chance right?}
i had an extra pregnancy test, because the last one i used came in a 2 pack.
so i took it.
and i a little bit freaked out.
because i read it wrong.
don't worry. i'm not pregnant.
but i really thought for about 3 minutes that i actually was.
and i started to panic.
and i almost woke wade up.
but i googled real quick.
and everything is ok.
and i breathed a huge sigh of relief.
then i got sad.
and wished that maybe it really was positive.

but then i remembered what a handful this little guy is.
and how he is teething and how his whining is about to put us in a crazy house.
and i think i am quite content to not have another baby for a long, long time.


Frosty said...

And what a cutie he is...I'd take him on anytime! Seriously...could he get any cuter???


Jenn said...

His facial expressions could not be any funnier. I love it.

the hopkins said...

Hahaha. I had a pregnancy scare once, a while ago, and went through all of the same emotions. I was kind of sad when I realized I wasn't pregnant but then remembered the amount of work one baby is too. Hope you're feeling better!

LyndiLou said...

You're cute! :)

I'm sorry to hear he's sad about teething. That such hard for for these little people. We give Kensington Chamomile to help... and every now and then maybe Tylenol. She's never really been a fan of the Orajel. Good luck with everything!

Matt and Katelyn Risenmay said...

I totally took a pregnancy test a few days ago too! I swear I think I am pregnant all the time now. Miles is too cute. Sorry the teething is rough. I completely feel your pain. We have been using Hylands teething tablets. They seem to help...or maybe he just likes the way they taste...either way, he stops whining after he takes them :)