the north end {holgas}

our old stomping grounds.
i miss them.


Brooke and Ryan Naylor said...

Hey beautiful! I hear you'll be moving back July 7th. (your brother told me when I texted him by accident. i thought i was texting you...) ANYWAY, we'll be in Utah for the 4th of July and maybe a few days after. If we're there at the same time, I would love to get together. I need to meet Mr. Miles! Beautiful pictures, by the way.

Jacki said...

i can't believe how narrow the streets are there in between the buildings. no wonder you have problems parking.
its pretty there though. everything looks so green.

Jill said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos Kali! I must get me one of those pronto!

LL said...

those are BEAUTIFUL!
the flower box on the street is amazing! I love the North End.