i got tagged.

(but Wade is making his debut...)

Who do you love?
Kali Fisher (soon to be Poulsen)
How long have you been married? Negative 61 days... and counting
Who said 'I love you' first? Me
How long did you date? When did we stop?
Where did he propose? It was a process that started at the Mt. Timpanogos temple and ended on some random street in the parking lot of a middle school. After much convincing she said yes, the ring helped.
Who is taller? I am
Who is smarter? She is, for sure
Who does the laundry? the washing machine
Who pays the bills? Uncle Sam
Who mows the lawn? We don't currently have one of those
Who cooks dinner? We take turns
Who drives? I drive long distances, she drives the short ones.

I tag: mom Poulsen, mom Fisher and Tina (tell the truth this time)


st. george

Last weekend, my family had tickets to see Colbie Caillat at the Tuacahn in St. George. We were just planning on staying over for one night and coming home the next day for conference weekend. Well, I, Kali Fisher, had this grand idea to go down a day earlier with Wade and my little brother and camp in Snow Canyon. So fun, right? Well, Wade unexpectedly had to go into work, so we didn't leave Orem until around 6 p.m. Though I knew we would get there pretty late, I still wanted to go. A word of advice to anyone who ever wants to camp in St. George: All the campgrounds close at 10 p.m. Good thing we arrived to said destination at approximately 10:30. Thirty minutes too late. Well, we wandered the valley searching for a place to pitch our tents. We didn't have much luck. We were stranded and tired and so very very grouchy. Wade suggested that we sleep in the car. I was not having anything to do with that. Suffice to say, we were not "happy campers." In fact, we weren't campers at all...just homeless desert wanderers.Notice that Wade is still smiling. And this is the point of my story. I was mad. frustrated. annoyed. I figured that probably he should be feeling the same way. Especially because I was a dummy and didn't even think to plan out this little adventure in my head. I figured he should maybe be a little frustrated with me. I figured maybe he should say, "Kali, this is the worst idea you've ever had." But, instead he told me exactly what I needed to hear as I was about to scream, "This isn't your fault. How were you supposed to know all the campgrounds in the entire town would close? You had good intentions and I'm not frustrated at all." And then he pulled over to go star gazing. Awww....precious right?

So where did we find ourselves sleeping that night? I know the suspense is killing you, so I'll just tell you. It was a lovely little motel called the Dixie Palm, minus the lovely part. This is called adventure #2. I didn't shower here because I felt I would come out dirtier.

We still got to go hiking the next day, which was what I wanted to do most. BUT, we drove all over the stinking canyon trying to find the unmarked trails. Snow Canyon was in some dire need of updating their maps and signs. And at this point, I'm still wondering how on earth we aren't screaming at each other. Driving around lost isn't on my top list of favorite things to do.

The rest of my family finally showed up and we were able to check into our hotel and clean up. I was relieved to know that the concert was that night and there wasn't really anything else that could go wrong. psh. We go to the concert and our seats were separate from my family. Which was no big deal. But did I mention that our seats were also separate from each other? good heck. They put us in the wheelchair spot and there was like three feet between our chairs. My good parents switched us seats, because heaven forbid Kali and Wade be that far apart for two hours.

So basically I learned a lot last weekend. Things don't always turn out like you planned them to. I was so excited for a fun weekend with Wade and my family and I felt like stupid things just kept happening that were beyond our control and so frustrating. But the honest truth is that it was one of the best weekends of my life. Going through stuff like that is actually quite enjoyable when you have someone like Wade to make everything feel ok.


silent scream.

i just need to get this out of my system.


wow. i feel better already.