my husband is funny.

I came home from work today to find the apartment empty and "Napoleon Dynamite" playing in the DVD player. Apparently Wade had gotten bored while I was gone. I texted him and said,
"So...Napoleon Dynamite huh?"
and he answered,
"I was missing home."
ha ha ha.

Also, I have been quite discouraged with my new job this past week. For some reason, my co-workers find it extremely odd that I don't drink or smoke and that I'm MARRIED. I mean really, who gets MARRIED at your age? (direct quote) Anyway, it sometimes seems like they are ganging up on me and I find myself surrounded by people asking questions about mormons. It's not so much them ganging up on me as them being so absolutely confused and amazed by the way we live. But that is beside the point. This post is about my funny husband. So as I was complaining, he told me that this is a good missionary opportunity because I have that "glow." And I said,
"Why would anyone care about my glow when they think I'm insane?"
and he said,
"Pretty soon they will start to realize that the two go hand-in-hand.
The glow comes from being insane."

I sure love him. :)


My run this morning

For some particular reason I felt like getting out of our comfy warm bed and go run. Weird, but I did. Nothing too exciting happened, I just had to watch out for the yellow ones, (they don't stop). I did however, find a shortcut to the Boston Commons Park.
The Park was beautiful, the leaves haven't turned yet, but it is cool outside, any way the funniest thing happened. I don't expect you to understand unless you have a close, personal connection with Seinfeld.

As I rounded a corner there was a flock of about thirty or so pigeons.
Automatically I thought of George and how they didn't move out of his way. Honestly, I kinda hoped for this. As expected the pigeons did fly, but not until they were under my feet.
So, there I was in a beautiful park, and it seemed as though in slow motion all of these birds were gracefully flapping around me.
It was beautiful.
And then I saw the flattened rat in the middle of an intersection. Oh well. So much for that.
School is going well, I miss USU.
Over and out


farmer's market

every weekend, there is a farmer's market downtown. Just as we were getting so down in the dumps about grocery store prices, this little produce festival lifted our spirits right up. its just so darn cheap!! and so fun to watch all the crazy, busy people shouting and bagging up fruits and vegetables. we're making it a weekly outing for sure.

we got corn, watermelon, bananas, asparagus, potatoes, nectarines, onions, garlic, and carrots...all for only ten bucks!


job hunting

my recent job hunt has turned into this:

I guess I like exploring boston and taking pictures more than I like finding a job. :)



I feel as if we have dropped off the face of the planet. Moving across the country will do that to you, I guess. Or...not having the internet. Which I blame for our many wanderings around the city clueless as to where we are going. Don't worry, the comcast man is making an appearance in our apartment on Monday. So while you wait for pictures (which you can't have now, because I'm at the library at Wade's school), here are a few things that make life hard for poor Kali in Boston:

*there are sick, gross, disgusting, large and nasty, creepy crawling things that live in our apartment (don't let that deter you from coming to visit. Wade was a pest control man in his previous life. They will soon be gone.)
*we have hardwood floors, and my feet hurt every day just from walking around the apartment
*milk is 4.79 a gallon
*we have no grocery store, just small "convenient stores" with few items
*our church is an hour away by train, then we hop on a bus, then we walk four blocks. thats far.
*I miss having Walmart on every corner.
*I miss having a car
*I'm scared of the crazy crack-head who screams at everyone on the train

Here are a few things that make life for Wade hard:
*he recently had to carry a microwave on a train and a bus and then walk through downtown with it.
*the next day, he carried shelves on the same route.
(it really is a funny site, but I'm only laughing because I'm not the one that had to do it)
*he has to kill all the gross bugs when he hears shrieking from the next room
*he has to shower 4 times a day because the humidity gets the best of him

But really, we are having so much fun. It's so cool to walk out of our apartment and be in the North End of Boston. It's called Little Italy, so we get to hear little old grandma and grandpas speaking with cute accents and smell italian food all day. We live right by the harbor and we're right in downtown. Also, the old north church is in our backyard. It's so different from Utah life, and there's still a lot to get used to. But how exciting to experience something like this!