days until we move home.  i'm thinking i will make a paper chain to count down.  but my mom might have done that already.

i fear that maybe in the past two years, i have come across as a boston hater.  um?  this may be true, for several reasons that have been clearly covered on numerous occasions.  i would just like to publicly declare that i do not hate boston. i love it's architecture and it's charm and it's greenery and it's quaint little roads. and i love being so close to the beach and cute little new england towns.  yes, i will miss it.  but i will not miss it enough to ever wish i still lived here.  i'm grateful for the experience and i am better for it.

i also, in the past two years have probably seemed a little obsessed with utah.  after all, it is the land of snow cone shacks, dollar movie theaters, costa vida, case lot sales, the rocky mountains, parking lots and walmarts on every corner. i was thinking the other day about why i'm so in love with utah and i came up with a lot of reasons why i shouldn't be in love with utah.  a lot of reasons why any outsider would probably never choose to live there if they had a choice. and it hit me.  utah is my home.  it's my roots.  it's where i came from and it's what i know, and therefore, it feels like the place i belong.  but mostly, it's where my family is.  i want my baby to grow up with his grandparents around.   i want to watch the office with my brothers.  i want to play card games at the kitchen table.  i want to eat sunday dinner.   i want to make memories in person, and not over webcam.  {the cheap rent is just the icing on the cupcake.}

also-have you heard the news?! i might just be behind the times here, but remember something corporate? only the greatest band on the face of the planet {besides, like 3 others. it's a tie}.  well they broke up a long time ago and i was so sad. but now i am so happy because they are getting back together. and hello! they are going on tour this summer. and guess who is going.  yes. i am.  with my best friend tiff.  and just because i am old and married and have a baby does not mean i can't live like my old glory days when i went to concerts every weekend.  it just means i have to get a babysitter. {um? mom? k thanks.}


LL said...

there's no place like home!

(especially when Grandma is there) :)

Kayleigh said...

I love making paper chains! I'm glad I'm not the only one. If you ever get a spare moment when you move back we should meet in salt lake for lunch or something. Glad to hear you get to move back by family!

LyndiLou said...

I don't think you're a Boston hater... you have learned a lot and I'm sure you will always look back and appreciate this experience! :)

I'm super glad you're coming home. I know you're family will just love it too! I know I'm one of your old foggie friends... but if you ever want to come to a movie or game night, or April's craft night we'd LOVE to have you! *:D*