2 is better than 1

our marriage turned 2 years old today!
p.s. we are so happy.

music on a monday


because my life just isn't exciting enough

we are having a party tonight.
that is not what this story is about.
but its the reason i've spent the entire morning cooking and baking.

something you should know about my kitchen:
it is small.
as in, there is probably a square foot of prep area.
so sometimes i use the stove as a spare counter.

earlier, i had made rice krispy treats with a fabulous chocolate topping. it was sitting on top of the stove in my favorite pyrex dish, minding its own business when some idiot (that would be me), turned on a burner. only i didn't pay attention to which burner. i'm waiting....waiting....waiting for the water to boil and nothing is happening. oh well, i carry on cutting tomatoes while i wait. and then suddenly there is an explosion and then next thing i know there is glass every where. you guessed. the burner i turned on just happened to be the one the rice krispies were sitting on. well after the initial shock of shattering glass spewing all over the kitchen, i came to my senses and realized what had happened. and then the rice krispies caught on fire.  and i lost my senses again and still didn't turn the burner off.

a reminder of why i love my husband:
as i stand there in my kitchen
staring at flames on the stove
and crying about all my hardwork ruined...
he is busy putting out a fire.

not to worry. we are okay. i miraculously came away from the traumatizing event with only a small burn on my fingers. oh and our apartment smells horribly of burned marshmallow and smoke.  add reason #234 to the list of why i can't wait to move: bigger kitchen.

p.s. feel bad for me that i have to throw away everything i made this morning. call me crazy, but i just don't feel right serving food items with a side of glass shard.

p.p.s. the good news of the day is my blog has come back to life! what a happy surprise!



why why why is my blog spontaneously combusting and totally destroying itself and i didn't even touch it!
all of a sudden, its like super bright and the background is practically gone and all my pictures look electrified. i mean, really bright. so what the heck.
i'm kind of stressed about it.
i bet tomorrow it will be gone.
say goodbye to my blog, which apparently has a mind of its own.


family pictures

we are leaving boston in a little over 2 weeks! i can't believe it's finally here.  we wanted to make sure we got some pictures in our neighborhood before we left, so our good friends, annie and steve came over after church and snapped a few of us. (thanks so much guys!)  here are some of my favorites:


flip flop wars

i was at the splash park this week with little miles.  i took my flip flops off and left them by the fence.

2 facts about my flip flops:
1. they are from old navy and they cost me, what? a dollar? they were so cheap, i don't even remember.
2. i painted my apartment while wearing them last summer, and then walked on some spilled paint. there is still paint on the bottom of them.

let us continue.
right as i was about to leave, i noticed a lady walk right up to my flip flops, put them on, and walk away.  um?  apparently she needed some shoes.  i would be more than happy to let her have my cheapo flip flops, if i didn't need them to walk home in! so i ran (and she had made some distance.  i debated confronting here for a total of 3 minutes) up to her and we had the following conversation:

me: um...excuse me? i think those are my flip flops.
flip flop stealer: no they aren't. these are mine.
me: no. i think they are mine.  do they have paint on the bottom of them?
flip flop stealer: (looking under the flip flops and CLEARLY seeing paint) no. they don't. these are mine.
me: that's paint! right there!

flip flop stealer than proceeded to kick the flip flops off like she was having a tantrum and then stormed off. could my life get any more awesome?


just in case

you're like me, and you can't get enough of this little boy, here are a gazillion pictures we took in the park today.


the birthday boy

turns 27!
wade had class tonight (and a test! blah), so i had to put my thinking cap on and figure out how to celebrate his birthday during the day. i surprised him with a little kayaking trip on the charles river. aside from the time we almost got rammed into by, not one, but two sailboats being steered by 10 year olds, and that our shoulders got quite the workout, we had a good time. that being said, we only lasted about an hour and we decided we were done. the city was pretty and the weather was perfect!

we then went to lunch at california pizza kitchen and were serenaded by this lovely bunch (who couldn't remember wade's name, and therefore called him "guy"?):

after wade came home from class, we opened presents and he blew out his candles. only 7 of them...because, well, lets be honest, i didn't feel like frosting 27 cupcakes.

happy birthday husby!


the drummer boy

once upon a time i was "dating" a drummer.
it doesn't really count as "dating" because he was the biggest flake on the face of the planet.
and he never had time for me because he had to practice his drums until all hours of the night.
and be all musician-y and stuff.
the funny thing is, he wasn't really my type.
and by not my type, i mean, he was sort of like a mountain man.
but somehow he got me to like him.
it took him a loooong time.
like almost a year.
he wrote me cute letters and said nice things and got me hooked.
and my friends thought i was crazy.
but as soon as i started liking him...
he started to not have time for me.
i was at school in logan.
he lived in orem.
he asked me to drive down to go on a date with him.
i went out of my way to make the drive.
and guess who flaked.
well, it wasn't me if that's what you're thinking.
i got all dolled up and i waited all night and i think about 11 pm he finally called.
"i can't do it tonight."
this was probably like the 15th time this had happened.
so i threw in the towel.
i was done.
i deleted him from my phone and never spoke to him again.
fast forward 1 year later.
i am married to the love of my life.
{and thank goodness....not mountain man drummer boy}
well guess who decides to text me.
yes. mountain man drummer boy.
the conversation went as follows:

mmdb: hey babe. how are you doing?
me: (thinking...what in the heck? who is calling me babe?) who is this?
mmdb: oh come on! you know who this is!
me: um. seriously. i don't.
mmdb: how could you forget me? it's mmdb!
me: oh hi. how are you?
mmdb: doing good.  we should get together sometime. i miss you.
me: um. i'm married.
mmdb: oh.

and right then and there i felt that i had finally gotten revenge.
isn't that like the ultimate rejection?
i hope he was super embarrassed.
the moral of the story is:
don't be a flake and think you can just call up an old flame
and rekindle it a year later.
they might just be married.

duck lips


a few of my favorite things right now

home depot moving boxes.
ahhhh!! yes!! i'm finally packing. our. stuff.

it's been a while since i've read a really good book.
my sister-in-law recommended this and i'm loving it.
it's told from the point of view of death itself.
as in, death personified?
anyway, it's fabulous.
but i'm not done yet.

and last the best of all the game.
i really really really love summer.
and i pretty much wear flip flops everywhere i go.
and my feet get so dirty!
and one thing you should know is i cannot sleep with dirty feet.
so every night i scrub my feet before bed.
this stuff is heaven.
and it's cheap at walmart.
so get yourself a little pumice stone...
and discover pure bliss.

that is all.

ben&jerry's factory

memorial day weekend (gahhh. i'm so behind.) we went to vermont and toured the ben and jerry's factory.  it was cute, but not exciting enough to keep miles awake. the best part was the free sample at the end.  i now have a new favorite: mint chocolate chunk.


his first haircut

and i'm devastated.

7 months old and i'm finally getting around to cutting his hair.
i know, i know.  it was getting pretty long.  but i'm a mom now.  and things like this break my heart for some reason.  he was born with some of that hair.  and i buzzed it off.  never mind the fact that i just left it on the floor and stared at it for a couple hours.  and even after i put some in his baby book and finally threw the rest in the trash, i looked in the trash can and wondered how i could possibly stick it back on his head.  maybe it just means my little boy is growing up and i just want him to stop and stay where he is for a little while. 
also, i hope his curls come back.


the cops in boston do

for some reason, the city of boston finds it necessary to have a policeman (or several) standing at each construction/road work site. and i have never seen them do anything but:
a) talk to the other policemen 
b) talk to the construction workers or 
c) talk to the pedestrians.  
in my humble opinion, it's an awesome use of tax dollars... especially when its (b).

**just out of curiosity (and also because i'm a nerd) i googled again.
in 2003, these police were paid 34.70 an hour! i would love to stand in the middle of the road and make that kind of money. and this is sort of funny:
"...Massachusetts had the highest rate of accidents causing property damage and the second highest rate of accidents causing bodily injury between 1980 and 2000, though it is the only state where cities and towns routinely require police supervision at road construction sites."

rear facing car seat

i love driving with the windows down
and looking over my shoulder to see
his little bouncing toes and
his blonde hair poking out of his helmet
blowing in the breeze.



i was just trying to organize the mess that is our computer and found this lovely picture from back in april and pretty much laughed my head off.  how i did not post this is beyond me. seriously! how funny is this child!?  i'm sorry for the delay...as your life was not complete without this picture in it.


wade "graduated" on friday!
it doesn't really feel like he graduated yet...
because he still has 2 more summer classes to finish this month.
he still got to walk early though.
and ever since miles was born,
wade has talked about walking with him across the stage.
it was a proud moment for him.
and miles is probably the youngest person to ever receive his master's degree.
we are so proud of wade and all his hard work!

p.s. wade would now like to be referred to as "master wade"