christmas eve


ain't that the truth.

fingers crossed he sleeps through the night!
thanks Kristy for the hilarious onesie! :)


dear elevator lady,

yes, i am aware that it is freezing outside. and yes, actually, i do have a hat for my baby. but seeing as we are inside where its warm, i'm not too concerned about it. also, did you notice the gigantic bundle me he happens to be wrapped up in?

quite frankly, i am more concerned about the stranger on the elevator, that would be you, that feels the necessity to touch my baby. i don't know you, and i don't know where your hands have been.

so...maybe you should stop worrying about my mothering abilities and start worrying about your germs.

ok? thanks.


sleep deprivation

we are sleep deprived. would you believe me if i told you that last night, as i crawled into bed at 3 am, wade and i had the following conversation:

w: "did you get the tin foil?"
k: "the tin foil?"
w: "yeah, did you bring the tin foil?"
k: "wade. the tin foil? for what?"
w: "to wrap miles in. we need to wrap him in tin foil."

imagine my confusion. i just laughed and then went to sleep. i still don't know what he was talking about. in his defense, he was probably sleep talking. but maybe it has something to do with me saying, "good night little burrito" to miles every night after i wrap him up in his blanket.

oh, and if you're still waiting for a delivery story, come babysit long enough for me to write one.