neon boneyard

i'm basically a year behind.
you have missed a year of my life.
how does that make you feel?
anyway, we just celebrated our third anniversary.
and we are boring and couldn't think of anything better (or cheaper) to do,
so we went to las vegas.
mind you, i've been to vegas probably 23 times and i'm all vegased out.
i think that was the last time we will be going there,
especially since it just keeps getting dirtier and grosser (is that a word?) and i never want my children to step foot in such a disgusting place.
anyway, we did find one place that was worth the trip.
it was probably my favorite thing we did there.
it's called the neon boneyard and it's basically a pile of old neon signs.
ok so no one else probably thinks this is cool except me.
but they tell you all about the signs and where they came from and all about las vegas and what it was like before it was the vegas it is now.
besides melting in the 120 degree weather, we really liked it.
on to the pictures...


have you missed me?

i think i fell off the face of the blogging planet.
it's been 2 months, folks.
and truth be told, i didn't really miss it.
mostly because i had nothing important to say.
and truth be told again, i still don't.
my life has become completely uneventful and monotonous.
its work, and sleep, and miles, and photography, and maybe sometimes i get to see wade.
i have more pictures on my computer of other people's families than i do of my own family.
i want to jump in the car and go on a road trip, but i can't, because wade went and grew up without me.
he has a real job now.
which means "vacation time" is required to do spontaneous road trips like we used to.
and he used it all up on scout camp and going to court for a ticket that was meant for another car (are you confused about that? because so am i. the ticket part. not the scout camp part.)
i'm bored.
i need some adventure.
but i'm too ocd for adventure right now.
there are too many closets to organize and cupboards to sort through, and clothes to di and wine crate bookshelves to re-do and computer files to sort through and basically my mind cannot concentrate on anything like blogging when it's too busy sorting through a to do list. and wade thinks i'm a little crazy when i can't relax because there's clutter laying around. he tells me to ignore it. but there's no such thing as relaxing to me, if part of my brain knows there a pile of junk hiding in the corner (but i get that from you, right mom?).  which is why this blog post makes no sense and it's just a random dump of words.

but i want to come back.
i want to write again.
and i will.
as soon as i'm not searching for every spare moment possible to nap.