meet holga

this is holga.
she is my mother's day present.
{miles did a very good job.}
a film only camera.
made out of plastic.
with lots of light leaks.
it's basically a piece of junk.
but thats the beauty of holga.
you never know what you're going to get.
{let's just say my last roll of 36 exp. only had 4 good shots}
but i still love her.


Anonymous said...

You and holga make a great pair. I hope you both have many memorable experiences together. Love, Auntie M.

Jill said...

Totally want one! :) I think it'd be a blast to play around with one of those every once in a while...

Kayleigh said...

Fun! I have seen lots of cute pictures on other blogs taken with these cameras!