motherhood #15

this is the last the last of them. thanks everyone who sent me such wonderful words.  i loved reading every single one of them. you all are beautiful women.
by Paige:

i'm not a mother myself, yet. so what comes to mind when i hear the word "motherhood" is my own mom. i have the best relationship with her, and always have. {even through the dreaded teenage years}. which yes, makes me her favorite. so i only have the best things to say about her.
my mom is a champ. she birthed 8 of us... who wouldn't be a champ after having to raise all of us banchies? :) but this is a woman who is the prime example of every aspect of the word mother. she's loving. she's self-less. she's compassionate. she's understanding. she's hard-working. she's ever-so-talented. she's hilarious. she has a way of making you feel that no matter how hard the situation is, everything is going to be okay. and although the list goes on and on, what is most important to me about my mom is that she has a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and she lives it. my mom has endured so many trials in her life that i cant even count them, but her faith and her courage have never waivered.
i know that i wont understand the real sacrifice it takes to be a mother until i have my own children, but i know that i want to be exactly the kind of woman, and mother, that she is.
i love you mom. 

 {paige's family on her wedding day}

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