motherhood #10

by Heidi:

When I was a kid I didn't think what my mom did was anything spectacular. I thought every mom acted the same way and did the same things. But now as I look back, I am amazed at all that she did for me and my family.  

Some of my favorite things about my mom:

         She made us kids the best home lunches for school everyday that she made us carry around in these huge ugly lunch boxes and we would always find a love note written on our napkin, telling us how much she loved us           
         She would check me out of school just because she was lonely
         We would go shopping and listen to Rascal Flatts while driving around town
         She taught me how to cook, clean, scrapbook, garden, love, serve, and care for others
         She was my best friend, always there to listen to me complain, laugh with me, and cry with me. I knew i could always count on her to make me feel better
         She always knew how to make me laugh
         She could make anyone feel comfortable around her
         She accepted me for who i was and never judged me
         She always knew what to say
         She made me feel safe
         She was always there too cheer me on at my softball games and hug me and let me cry when i didn't do so well
         She always stood up for me and let me know that i was important to her and that she'd love me no matter what
         Even when she was sick in bed, she did all she could to make us kids happy

         How grateful i am that she taught me all these things so that i could take care of my family after she left this earth. I used to worry about all that dumb stuff that girls worry about.....but now i worry about helping my brother get a project done that was due three days ago, getting the laundry done, cleaning the house for company, worrying about all that motherly stuff that i never had to worry about before. But All of this would have been even more hard for me to do if my mom hadn't have taught me or if i hadn't of spent time with her and watched her lovingly do all of those things for my family. I wish i could've done more for her, because she has done so much for me.

I hope that when i have my own family, i can be half the mom she was to me. I never fully appreciated all of those things she did for me until she was gone. I would give anything to see her one more time and tell her how much i love her, and how grateful i am for her example and love she showed every single day. 


LL said...

that was so sweet! I love the picture up top, what a fun shot.
I'm happy to hear that other moms pull their kids out of school because they miss them. I do that occasionally, I love having them home.

susette said...

Oh Heidi, I would love to see her just one more time too! Oh the things we would talk about and laugh about. It's so hard to move forward after such a loss but your family has been such a great example and support in our lives. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts♥

Frosty said...

What an amazing example of what to try and mold yourself after.

kaylasue said...

I miss Pam! She really was such an amazing woman and she really was such a great example of what kind of person to be!

Lyndi said...

I'm sure you're making her very proud! :)