happy halloween!
 love, miles the owl


we don't do scary.

it has become apparent in the poulsen household that we don't do scary.  wade and i just fast forwarded through an entire movie because we couldn't handle it.  how is it that it has taken me three years to learn this about my husband?  here i am, trying to be brave, and he keeps saying, "we don't have to watch this if you don't want to..." and then i finally realize he's saying it because HE doesn't want to.  and i can't figure out what's better.  having a husband that equally hates scary movies so that i never have to watch them? or having a husband that is BRAVE?  i'm kidding. wade is brave.  i have seen him charge out of bed with a giant metal flashlight at the sound of someone at our door in the middle of the night in boston.  or go running up the stairs of a 5 story house when the alarm goes off, not knowing if there is a burglar in the house (also in boston).  so basically, i think i am glad that i have a brave husband and an equally scary movie hater husband.

i will just stick with the cute parts of the coming scary holiday.  you know, the parts where you dress your kid up in ridiculously hilarious costumes and put them on parade for all the neighbors.  and then eat their candy.

(these are our pumpkins from the lovely halloween dinner bash my mom threw tonight. i said i wanted nothing to do with carving the pumpkins (seeing how it's gross and squishy) and somehow i ended up pulling the guts out of 2 and then carving them BOTH.  tell me how that happens, cooper fisher?  in all fairness...i forgot how fun it can be and i mostly just couldn't stop myself.)


on repeat.

loving this cd.
a lot.
can't wait for the concert
and a little girl's night
in t-minus 6 days.


gardner village

a couple of girls from work and i decided to go to gardner village for the day to have lunch and see the witches they have on display.  i have never been to gardner village before, so it was fun to walk around and go into all the shops.  i might just have to go back to buy a few things!  after we were done at gardner village, we stopped at this adorable little fruit stand, which also happened to be by an antique store called 'home again'. i bought a really old telephone (don't judge.) and a turquoise mason jar.  basically, it was the best fall autumn day ever and i wish it would last 3 months instead of 2 weeks.

also, remember how miles is scared of everything?  it's getting really old.  really fast.  because, i've been so excited for him to grow up and see new things and it's sort of a bummer when everything we take him to just makes him scared and mad.  so i'm crossing my fingers he outgrows this soon.  and in the meantime, i'm trying not to force him to do things he doesn't want to and hoping that he gets curious on his own.



we made our 2nd annual trip to pumpkinland this week.  remember last year when miles was itty bitty and couldn't even walk yet? i can't believe how much he has changed in just a year.  we walked around and looked at all the pumpkins, then we went to the corn maze and walked through the play area.  all miles wanted to look at was the turkeys though.  he is going through this weird stage where he is seriously afraid of everything!! is this normal? you can see he is freaking out in a few of the pictures. but at least he liked the turkeys and the plants?!


its autumn time!

we are loving this fall weather! i seriously think the month of october is my favorite month.  i took miles for a little drive up the canyon to see the leaves, and thank goodness! because it snowed the next day.  yes, the first week of october came with snow.  he wasn't interested in the leaves, so he played in the mud while i snapped pictures. and he pretty much knows by now to ignore mom when she has her camera out. oh well.

and then i had to buy some apples. because they were in a brown paper bag. and i can't resist pretty apples in a brown paper bag. miles kind of likes them too...


yet another random post.

if you know me at all, you know that i make lists a mile long.  my fridge has one stuck to it right now.  it has a to-do for today, this week, photography, and decorating. and then a blank spot for me to write whatever else comes along. and then there are notebooks and scrap papers and post-its scattered all over the place.  better photography skills, better photoshop skills, better design skills.

my mind is craving more information.  there's so many thoughts and ideas racing and so many things i want to learn.  and there is a fine line between being inspired by other photographers and designers and being jealous and feeling completely no hope that i will ever be what i want to be. as good as i want to be. you know?  i think the internet is a glorious thing. and let's be honest. it has so many resources.  i don't have the time or means to go to school right now. i need to be working and i need to be a mom.  and so i can do research galore online.  but i can also get carried away.  because there's a never ending amount of things i want to learn.  but i don't want miles to look back on his childhood and think that his momma never played with him.  and so i end up doing all this research after i get home from work. which is midnight. which is unhealthy. because i should be sleeping. basically i'm searching for some sort of balance in my life. and its hard. because i'm not a very patient person. i want everything now.  i want to run a crazy successful business NOW.  but i understand it takes years.  i understand that the process of learning isn't something that happens over night.  and i have to realize how far i've come since even two years ago.

and now, completely off topic. but all i want to do is buy the new jack's mannequin cd and take a little road trip to logan while its blaring through my speakers and out my open windows.  i don't blare my music anymore. i grew up. i have a child. he doesn't like it.  but do you sometimes ever miss your old self?  like the person you were when you were learning who you were? ha. does that even make sense?  independent and free and completely spontaneous.  logan and jack's mannequin.  those two things were my life back then.  those few years when i learned about myself and learned who i was. what i wanted. what i didn't want. it was hard. and it was fun. and it was completely necessary to build my life now.  and speaking of my life now?  it's perfect.  well, not perfect, obviously.  but its perfect for us. perfect, if i remember that all i really need is my family. and these 2 guys are my world.

we took some family pictures this weekend.  miles is becoming quite the independent boy.  and he wants nothing to do with the camera.  so of course, he's not looking at the camera.  but it's good enough for now. :)