i kill plants

Basically...I have a hard time keeping plants alive. It's not that I don't remember to water them or take care of them. I am very much concerned for their well being. But maybe I water too much. Or maybe I plant them in boxes that are just too small. This little plant was supposed to grow to nine feet tall. I guess I waited too long to "transplant" it. *ha ha get it?* Anyway...I tried to pull all the dead leaves off and ended up destroying it.

Wade gave me a huge house plant for Valentine's Day. I love it a lot. Well, two days later, I found brown leaves all over the carpet. So I watered it a lot. Hmmm...too bad the tag that came with it said to water only once a month. But Wade came to the rescue and stuck it close to the window and it dried out in the sunlight. It's growing quite nicely now. I'll just put him in charge of the plants...and maybe the pets...and maybe the children...



Wade got a letter from the University of Massachusetts Boston yesterday. We were driving home from the canyon when he got a phone call from his mom telling him there was an envelope at his house. He said, "umm...can we go to my house in Smithfield?" Random? Yes. I said, "Sure...right now?" and he said, "yeah, there's a letter there from Boston." And that's when I got a sharp pain in my heart. True story. Well, of course he got accepted. Who wouldn't want Wade Poulsen to go to their school? He's basically brilliant. So...looks like we're moving toBoston. Please come visit. I'm scared out of my mind.


good day

good day reason #1
I spent the morning at the dentist's office...you know, getting the usual check-up. The only thing about this "usual" check-up is that it wasn't usual at all, seeing as the last time I had been to the dentist was approximately nine years ago. You think I exaggerate? No. No i do not. Well, I walked into that office, very well expecting to have at least nine cavities (one for every year, of course). Don't you worry folks, divide that expectation by three. For those of you who are disinclined to do math, the actual amount of cavities in my mouth is 3. If you ask me, thats a good amount for nine years, no?
good day reason #2
I have been purposely avoiding getting my hair done for quite some time now. I am scared of hair stylists. It's a real life fear of mine, simply because of the fact that every new person I try somehow destroys all my hope for ever having a normal head of hair. Well I had a brave moment on my drive from the dentist. I felt I should reward myself for the wonderful care I have taken of my teeth. So, on a whim, I called and made a hair appointment and found myself in a salon an hour later. And GUESS WHAT. I have found a permanent hair stylist. Yes, I said permanent. As in, I love her with all of my heart. I have the same feelings towards my new hair as well.
good day reason #3

My manager at Winger's is dating the cutest lady ever. I've known her for a couple years now and we have always gotten along great. She's one of those people you can have intense and deep discussions with. I very much trust her judgment and views on life. I also adore her cute little daughter who happens to love being thrown in the air after she runs up and down the aisles of the restaurant. Anyway, I don't really see her that often. Today, I walked into Winger's...and there she was. I was so happy to see her and she gave me a big hug when I walked in. Then, she started to cry. I was so worried something was terribly wrong with her. Don't you fret, she was crying tears of joy...because she was so happy to see me. Isn't that precious? We ate lunch together and had a great chat as always.
good day reason #4
I have the greatest friends on the planet. Even if they do sucker me into editing their homework for them while they play on myspace (don't get mad, I love you Tiff.) I was greatly rewarded with a present, called the new Jack Johnson CD. Which is my "good day reason #5"
good day reason #5
The new Jack Johnson CD.
good day reason #6
I have the greatest boyfriend on the planet. He sent me a text today that would basically have made my entire day, had not all the other reasons already been making my day. It went something to the effect of, "I love you. I miss you. I want to be with you forever." Oh, and he's in Logan, and I'm spending my days in Orem (due to the whole dentist thing...), so I miss him a lot. I'm a little dysfunctional, I am well aware of that fact. If you ask Jana, the amount I miss him when we aren't together "isn't exactly healthy."
good day reason #7
I found out today that I'm getting a FAT refund from this wonderful democratic administration called the government. And by fat, I mean 1200 dollars. Apparently our economy is facing disastrous times and our dear, kind president wants to give us all a little boost by distributing extra money and hoping we'll all go out and spend it. I've got ya covered, Mr. President. Spending money is one thing I can do to help this country. Don't even get me started on the fact that I only make 2.15 an hour and how every stinkin' one of those 1200 dollars was well earned. That would just turn my "good day reason #7" into a "bad day reason #1"

I know I tend to write a lot. Just be grateful that it's not nearly as much as I talk. And to all of you who actually took to the time to read this whole thing...bless you.


can't sleep.

So I decided today that after a long double at work, I would come home and relax...go to bed early. You know, treat myself and my tired sore feet to a vacation. Well...here I sit in my bed at 4:00 a.m. thinking that my blankets are too hot, the creeking in the walls is too loud, and that there is far too much to be done to sleep.

oh. and did i mention that a huge part of me is missing? Wade went to Boston this week for an interview at the University of Massachusetts. It is quite possible that I am more nervous than he is. That could explain my restless sleep. Or maybe I just miss him so much that my stomach hurts. Am I pathetic? yes probably. but ask me if I care.

Alexa Wilkinson is the greatest thing to happen to music since...well, since i heard her open for Ingrid Michaelson last week. I must say that I am a fan. Sometimes I hear music and I am struck dumb from amazement. I just think words are, well, poetic. But thats what poetry is: words. So that was a bit redundant. Or was it an oxymoron? I need to go back to 8th grade where I learned what both of those words meant. How come they don't teach you the important stuff when you're older and not so worried about the stupid boys sitting next to you and the way your hair is tucked behind your ears? I think maybe I should have gone to an all girl private school. I would have been a lot smarter. Ok, anyways, back to the music thing. Music is my life. and I love it when I hear a song that becomes my anthem. I usually find one about every other day. Thank you itunes and myspace. oh and thank my lucky stars that there is such thing as a melody.

Firehouse awaits me in approximately six hours. That means less than six hours of sleep are in my future. I think I need like 14 to be a happy camper. Speaking of camping...I'll be doing that this next week for spring break. Last time I checked, spring break was supposed to be fun and in the sun. Instead, I'll be freezing in the rain. (freezing in the rain? that is snow.)

I want him back.