i call it home.

Orem, Utah. Probably the best hometown anyone could ever want. I've been a quite few places in this ripe old age of 21 and I can honestly say that there is no place like home. I love my momma. I love my daddy. I love my brothers. I have rad grandparents. My friends rock. I love the way my house smells when I first walk in the door. I have a special bond with the couch in my living room. Winger's is still my best hangout. State street is still my favorite place to drive. I love the summer nights laying in the greenest and softest grass of the neighborhood (thanks to our landscapers, aka mom and dad). I love the swing on our front porch. There are three REAL malls within 10 minutes of my house (could I ask for anything more?!). You can't find a mountain better than Timpanogos. Not to mention the fact that the person I am today is because of the place where I grew up...spending my days as a Timpanogos Timberwolf, Orem Jr. Jaguar, and Bonneville Bronco...that's a lot of memories. Home. It gives me a foundation, a place where I will always belong, a grounding point. Which is a very nice thing to have for a very un-grounded girl. :)


the reason...

...for my prior post.


this is me.

so very very happy.