music on a monday


susette said...

That's it? I'm waiting to hear how your week has been and you post a song? Maybe you are waiting for things to settle down? I'll be gone to girl's camp this week so I guess I'll have to look forward to seeing what you've posted on Saturday. Love ya sweetie

the hopkins said...

Your blog is so cute Kali. I always love your posts. And I love all the pictures you added to the sidebar with links, how fun and creative are you! Question- how do you make your own blog background?? I'm assuming you make your own? I know things like this can get tricky.... so is it hard to explain? If so, do you have a link or something you could send me? Or did you just figure out how to do it on your own?

p.s. I can't believe your allergic to your husband!!! That is too funny, and unheard of ha. :)