winner winner!

are you just a little bit sad this is over?
i am.
only because it was so much fun to read all your comments!
over 500 of them! thats insane, people!
thank you so much for reading and playing.
i wish you all could win.
but sadly, there can only be one.
{maybe we should play again, when my brain isn't fried.}
honestly, i think i learned a lot about myself.
seeing as how i had to spend my day thinking about what I could post.
and i found myself thinking about my past, my present, even my future.
and i realized there are some qualities i would be embarrass to post.
and i found places in my life that I can work on.
and things that make me most happy.
that being said....
i know what you all are really waiting for.
not my cheesy narrations.
so without further ado...

 Congratulations Brekke! :)
send me your address to kaliandwade@gmail.com
also-the size you would like your boston t-shirt.


LyndiLou said...

YAY!!! Congratulations Brekke!!!

Kali this was sooo much fun!!! I loved learning about you and I loved being able to participate too! I'm still catching up on my posts... so I'm thinking I'll have a winner closer to the end of the week! :D Keep commenting on my blog if you would... I think it's sooo fun to hear from you! :D

McKenna said...

Oh fooey!

Although I am so so glad you did this! It was such a blast. It was like going on a girls night out and chatting about all the little things you chat about. Silly as it sounds but I definately feel closer to you now.

We'll definately have to do this again sometime. ;) Maybe next time in the three dimentional world.

ari said...

Kali, it was great fun. I'm glad I didn't win, I didn't want yummy chocolate, a stupid ole t-shirt (I live in t-shirts that's how I know they are STUPID) and any of the other "stuff" you are putting in that prize!!! So, being the good sport that I am, Congrats to BREKKE...whoever in the world she is! Seriously, it was fun and I enjoyed your post about the store. Jen and I went to Alabama to visit Shannon a year or so ago and it was unbelievable how many people stopped and looked at Shaylie. I guess babies are a novelty out of Utah. So, I totally related to that story. Maybe if I put a doll in my cart or seven pics of my children when they were younger people would stop and admire and talk with me. NOPE, I bet they would just run the other way!!!!!

Jillian said...

Thanks for doing this Kali... people actually comment on my blog now! If only you had had this brilliant idea sooner :) Thanks for sharing! It's been fun getting to know you better! (And I totally agree, that this has got me thinking too)