I cannot sleep with socks on my feet.
also, i like the sheets to be freezing cold.
I wish they would stay freezing cold all night.
and just to make sure I don't get too hot, I usually sleep with one leg above the covers.
just one leg though.
not both.

**That's it! this is the end!!**
i couldn't be more happy.
honestly, there is not one more thing I could possibly talk about.
remember to comment (yes-up to 28 times) on each of the numbered posts.
and don't forget to enter on Juli's, Jillian's, Lyndi's and Launi's blogs as well!
happy commenting!
good luck!


Jenn said...

I wouldn't say that I like it to be freezing, but I would definitely rather be cold than hot at night.

I am impressed that you came up with 28 things to talk about. But I am sad that it is over! I have loved knowing that you would have a new post everyday!

LL said...

you need to keep posting daily, it's been fun to read.
I can't sleep with anything outside of the covers, the monsters might get me!

Kristine L. said...

I am the same way... definitely can't sleep with socks on.

BUT I hate cold sheets when I get into bed. But once I am warm and toasty, then I like to be able to move one leg over to the cold section of the bed to cool down.

I am sad this is over too!

The Rowburys said...

I can't stand cold sheets, and Brandon loves them. It is a constant struggle between the two of us.

Ps. I'm excited that you're done too, although I've enjoyed learning more about you, I hope I win! :)

Matt and Katelyn Risenmay said...

Hey, I do that too. One leg out and freezing cold sheets. I can't sleep if it's hot so we even turn the fan on or open the window. The funny thing is, my husband sleeps with one leg out too. I bet that would be a funny looking picture...one big bed with two people in it and two legs sticking out on either side :)

I am sad you are done too. It has been fun to read different things each day and remember things that I have been through or done that are similar.

The Silvas said...

I can't sleep with socks on either, it bugs me! And the rest of this post sounds just like ME in the Summer! I sleep with one leg out of the covers.
It's been fun to hear all these awesome facts! Even though the contest is over, please continue with the facts. hehehe Love ya!

The Searle Family said...

I like it cold too! I always sleep with a fan on because I love the breeze all night so I can use my covers and I love the dead noise. Yay you are all done, it was fun to know more random facts about you.

THE Bjarnson's said...

I have to sleep with socks on, unless its hot in the room.. But I love if my sheets are cold!

Scott and Kristy said...

I am sad to see this come to a end, it's fun to read something about you every day... I can sleep with socks on my feet,and I like my sheets warm, Scott Loves it cold. If I would let him he would have the window open in the winter...

ari said...

If I ever am very cold and go to bed with socks on, it is only a few min. and they are off! I am like you, I LOVE cold sheets and I LOVE to have my face cold at night. I would like to keep my leg out of the covers, but, what about the "boogie man" you know, the one that comes into your home just to grab your leg? Yup, can't do it, but would like to. I LOVE having the fan on also, but my husband doesn't and so I leave it off during the winter.
Very sad this is ending, because I have no life and this has been fun for me. Thanks kali

LyndiLou said...

I usually sleep on TOP of my blankets... or at least my bedspread and cuddle up with a throw blanket! I also don't really sleep with my head ON my pillow... it's just BY my pillow, below it mostly!

Thanks for doing all these fun posts! You're great and I just love learning all these fun things about you!!! ***:D*** I think I'm going to send you a prize for just plain being awesome!!!

Mame said...


I still can't sleep with socks on. Not Possible.

I have loved it, wish you would do it 365 times.

Anonymous said...

It's a Fisher thing. You must have inherited it from your Dad. I don't know if he sleeps that way, but I always have and I think some of my other siblings do also. Thanks for the great February posts. It's been enlightening! Love, Auntie M.

*juli* said...

omg I'm the exact same way. I even have a fan that I put on my feet at night. even in the winter. and you know how could Utah winters are.

Curtis, Jen and Shaylie said...

I can't sleep with socks on my feet either! I hate it so bad!