i have a bone to pick

with blogger.
i am basically at my wits end.
does anyone else completely hate the quirks that come along with using blogspot.com?
i am considering taking drastic measures, unless anyone has some genius suggestions.
somehow, i have managed to associate 3 emails to my blogger account. 2 of which, i don't even use anymore.
its a constant mess, signing in, signing out.... because it basically automatically signs you in to your email when you sign into blogger. it's like schizophrenia, email style. i have 3 blogger personalities.
but i've heard if i delete my email accounts, then i won't have access to my blog anymore. {and won't be able to read all you private bloggers out there.}
but if i don't do delete them, i will go insane juggling all the accounts.
so i think i will experiment.
transfer my blog to a new account. delete the old accounts. have an entirely new blogspot address.
but i'm scared. 
i could end up losing everything.
do i dare do it?

also, whats up with the comments section?
so many times I want to reply to your comments, but there's no where for me to do it.
and let's face it.  who really wants to come back to my comments to see if i replied?
{don't raise your hand. because you don't want to do that.}
so i nominate we all start clicking that follow-up comment box when we leave a comment.
although that probably means you'll get every comment ever made on my blog sent straight to your email.
how fun.
i give up.


ChloƩ said...

don't delete it!! i had over 300 posts and 2 email accounts and wanted to switch my email to my new name.. i was tired of having more than one email to my blogger account. so i signed up my new email account..then deleted my old one...and i lost it all. everything..every picture i ever uploaded under that account is gone..

when you sign up for a blog..you automatically get a picasa account through google. all of the pictures that are on your blog are stored in there, and they are actually pulled from there. it's like having a flickr or photbucket account. anyway, i deleted my old blogger profile..with my old email. and it deleted that picasa account that i was unaware of. i lost everything. i have spent months just trying to go back and fix some of the pictures..but most of mine on my blog are still just empty boxes now.. so my weddings and honeymoon posts? no pictures.

anyway..sorry for this super long comment! i am just still recovering from my blogging disaster..and wouldn't want anyone to have to go through that!

i still can't read most of the private blogs i was reading. i have had to pretty much personally ask everyone to add me again. it's been a nightmare!

i wish i would have just stuck with my old married name email..and not worried about it..anyway... i hope you figure it all out! maybe there is way to make it work? if you have basically used just 1 email account to upload your pictures on? i would keep that one for sure...

also.. if everyone would make a little change in there account, it would associate their comment with an email address. that way, if they leave a comment, you can just hit reply in your email and it will email them back. someone told me that one day..they had dedicated a whole post to telling everyone to do that so they could easily reply to comments! i will have to see if i can find that blog..

Ms. Berg said...

wordpress.com is so much better and user friendly. my sister let me know of a way for your blogs to get backed up at bloggled.com.

LyndiLou said...

Yikes... I don't know much about switching all the stuff around either. :S I hope you figure it out just right though!

I know what you mean about the comments. I LOVE it when people leave me comments... but I never know if I should leave a comment on MY post for them, or go to their blog and respond. I feel rude not responding. :S

Kristine L. said...

When I got married, I changed my email address too. But I just gave that new email address the same posting rights, authoritative rights, etc. So it doesn't log me in or out... I just use the one. I think the other one is still there, it just never gets used. I am not sure if you have tried that. If not, let me know and I can email you the instructions or something.