the club

i am now a member of a new club.
thanks to my cute little baby.
you know...the club of parents.
instead of taking a quick, 20 minute trip to walmart, it now takes almost 2 hours.  granted, part of those 2 hours involved stopping to change a diaper, making a bottle, and ditching my full cart {or carriage, as it is called here} to run to the bathroom with my purse, a diaper bag, and a carseat {thank goodness for handicap stalls}. 
but anyway, back to my new club.
the rest of my time shopping consisted of stopping to talk to several people. or rather, them stopping me.  you see, i have a car seat in my cart/carriage, which is a universal sign for "stop and look at my baby!"  there was the cute old couple with very gray hair that stopped to help me get a cart and admire.  then there was the big and tough construction worker who stopped to tell me that they just grow up too fast.  there was the little russian lady who thought it was hilarious that miles was playing with his binky and pulling it in and out of his mouth. and the young african mom with a one-month-old baby who was relieved to hear that time flies quickly and it really does get easier.  and the cashier who swears by popsicles for teething babies {um, nope. not giving my 4-month-old a popsicle. thanks anyway}
and honestly...for someone who spends most of their time alone with a baby all day,
it was refreshing.
and how fun is it to have a reason to talk to complete strangers?  people I would never talk to otherwise.
as parents, we are all in the same boat. it is the one thing that most people can relate to.  parents who are just starting out. parents who have been there, done that.  and who are we kidding, miles is my pride and joy. of course i love to show him off.
its a hard and tiring club.
but its so worth it.
you all should think about joining. ;)

i have a few important items to discuss.
kate gosselin on dancing with the stars?! what the. what does she even think she is doing? i guess she's gotta put food on the table somehow, considering her show is canceled and she wastes all her money on fake hair extensions that look like plastic doll hair. {i used to be a huge fan of jon&kate+8...until they got famous and went loony.}

the bachelor. jake chose vienna? something is seriously wrong in this world. to put it in the loving words of my friend kristine, she is a cross-eyed man that is in love with her dad. true dat. {i can't believe i watched the whole painful thing. there's nothing else on tv on monday nights. whats a girl to do?}
sheesh. for someone who loves tv so much, i sure hate it a lot.

one more thing... 
i keep getting these ridiculous emails from scammers in africa who think i am dumb enough to just go deposit money into an account and send them a copy of my id. ok genius. i think i might just do that.
i'm contemplating writing them back and toying with them a little bit. it could be funny. i'll let you know how it goes.


Kristine L. said...

I loved imagining you and cute miles taking a trip to walmart. It made me want one... But what doesn't these days?

I am right there with you on the bachelor... I don't know why I still watch it. But I just can't look away!

Ms. Berg said...

cute post! question: did you just say "true dat"?

Jenn said...

I'm so glad you blog.

The Searle Family said...

It's amazing how just going to the store is so refreshing isn't it. Being a stay at home mom it is so nice having some adult conversation for a change. I love your vents at the end, because I couldn't agree more! Kate Gosselin is the most random contestant and her extensions are funny:) And, still so mad Jake picked Vienna. He is stupid. Now I guess they are a perfect match, Tenly is too good for him.

Cara said...

My husband and I decided it would be funny to give them fake information and see how far we could go. The girl actually called us! It was fun.

Stevo and Annie said...

Wish I could have come to Wal-mart with you! Sounds like you had a way more exciting day than me. The Bachelor...I hate to admit that I'm a big fan. I was dissapointed that Jake picked Vienna...what the? He should have dropped both.

Jillian said...

I have to clear out the spam at my work, so I get entertained with plenty of hilarious emails. Sad, but they are quite entertaining some times.