mini photo sessions!

i realize this is really last minute...
seeing as i just decided to do this today.
i'm trying to expand my portfolio.
SO, i'm doing a mini photography session {a half hour slot}
for only $20
{includes a cd of at least 10-15 images, more if things go well :) }
Saturday, March 27 from 9-11am and 3-5pm
**if Saturday is too soon, we can try for a day next week.
at a location in Lehi that I'm going to check out tomorrow.
apparently it has awesome brick walls, train tracks, and a tire swing.
the weather is supposed to be 49° and sunny.
i'll bring some props... you can bring your own if you want too.
children. families. couples. whatever you want.
email me if you're interested at

you can also check out some of my favorite photo shoots
on my newly revamped, in-the-works, blog:


THE Bjarnson's said...

I want you to take mine and Rhett's but we can't that day! What other days work good for you?

LyndiLou said...

Oooooooooh... I didn't realize you were still out here!!! This is AWESOME news!!! ***:D***

LL said...

Good for you!
I have a great friend in Lehi, I just emailed her your info. I hope she's able to fit it into her schedule. You've got TALENT!

Launi said...

Lyndi and Keni need to do this. And then there's April and the twins--them too. What a good deal and your work is really lovely too. How can we lose?