may day!

um, its not an emergency...
its just may.
so i felt like saying, "may day!"
also, my friend, laura, had this cute idea to post about motherhood during the month of may.
it is the month for mother's day!
and i think motherhood is a beautiful thing.
and i heard once that all women are mothers,
because it's just in our nature.
and whether or not we actually have children of our own,
we still take care of each other and love each other and serve each other.
and isn't that what motherhood is all about anyway?

i've asked some friends (some mothers, some not) to guest post on my blog during this month about their experience as a mother, their desire to be a mother, their mothers. so be looking for those! and check out laura's blog too, because she will be doing the same, beautiful thing.  do you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? i do. :) and i'm so excited.

{also, if you would like to share anything and be a guest poster on my blog, shoot me an email at kaliandwade@gmail.com.  i would love to hear your thoughts.}


Matt and Katelyn Risenmay said...

What a great idea. I look forward to reading what other mothers have to share :)

LL said...

you're too cute!
This is going to be fun. I love moms!!!