plymouth, mass.

we drove down to plymouth,
to see plymouth rock, of course.
you know...
where the pilgrims showed up on the mayflower?
and thats about all i know.
i need to brush up on my u.s. history.
but shouldn't such a monumental landmark be, well,

but anyway,
like i said, we drove all the way to plymouth.
to see the rock. right?
if you ask my mom,
we drove all the way to plymouth
to get lobster bisque.
at the lobster hut.
she was in pure, lobster bisque heaven.
i, on the other hand, will always just stick with
a burger and fries.


LL said...

Laughing. I remember seeing the rock thinking "that's IT?"
YOU, my dear, look fabulous. Obviously that cute mom of yours passed down some good genes.

Roxy and Tommy said...

It is so beautiful. And guess what. I hope you are living in Boston next year around this time. Tommy says that I "deserve to take any trip I want". And I want to go to Boston! Wouldn't that be so fun?!?!?!?!

Doran & Jody said...

Oh Lobster yuck. I'm with you Kali, bring me the burgers. If you ask me, there is something fishy about Momma.

Maybe the 'rock' is shrinking. Isn't that what happens to everything when it gets older?

susette said...

Jody, I could only wish that certain things would shrink with age!! However, my desire for lobster only grows the more I taste it. Do you think the sherry in it has anything to do with how yummy that stuff tastes?

Hey Kali dear, apparently we were lucky to see all of the rock because annaleesa told me when she went the tide was high and part of the rock was covered.

That was a very nice outing. I miss you and that cute little curly topped boy!

Emo Henshaw said...

you look SO pretty in these pictures! and yes the rock should be bigger. :)

LyndiLou said...

Plymouth Rock, huh?!? Sounds like fun! And I'm sooo with you on the Burger and Fries team! ;)