concord and lexington

for my mom's last day in boston
we went to lexington and concord.
first we met her cute friend
at a sandwich shop.

{the drooling and the chubby cheeks? he get's both of those from me.}

then we went out to 
old north bridge
where the battles first began
in the revolutionary war,
between the 13 original colonies
and the british.
you've probably heard of it as
"the shot heard 'round the world."
{once again, i will tell you to look up this
information yourself. i am no expert on u.s.

then off we went to sleepy hollow cemetery
to see the graves of these famous authors
several who i have read
and love.
we payed our respects...

and then i grave robbed.
do forgive me.
i don't believe louisa may alcott
would be that upset with me.
what is she going to do with 40¢?
i, for one, have to pay parking meters.
and these dimes came in quite handy.

and then we were decided to take advantage
of wade babysitting miles in the car
and took funny pictures with our umbrellas.

{do you recognize this umbrella?
the one i wanted for valentine's day?
i never received it.
my husband failed me that day
 in the umbrella department.
but i got an ipod nano instead,
so i guess that makes up for it.
but! he did eventually buy it for me.
on the 4th of july?
the forecast said rainy.
it wasn't.
i didn't end up needing it.
but i got my umbrella!
and i must say, it is quite the umbrella.
better than any i've ever owned, 
in that it completely blocks the rain from
all directions.
also, it makes me feel like i'm 
in my own little world.
and i like that.
the end.}

please come back and play.
love you!


miriam said...

First of all- your mom has great genes- she looks like a barely older sister. And you are so tan! Is that from being in Utah or are you Puerto Rican? (from the Crazy Lady in the North End).

susette said...

I want to come back and play soooo sooooo sooooo bad!! I'm so jealous you get to have so many visitors in the next two months. You will not be lonely at all, and they will all love and cuddle that cute little dude of yours when it should just be me :(

susette said...

Oh and when you said "I got my umbrella" it totally reminded me of Porter saying "I got my foam airplane"

Scott and Kristy said...

it looks so fun, I want to go there when we come out...

LyndiLou said...

You and your Mom have to be two of the cutest people on the planet. :) Then add that cute little dude of yours and WOW!!!

Grave robber... ha ha ha... that's funny! I wonder if somewhere out there someone blogged about leaving/losing $.40. How funny would that be to read that someone found it! ;)