the elms

newport is famous for it's mansions.
summer homes for the rich.
the rich, as in the vanderbilt's.
and they are ridiculously large and gorgeous.
{porter always loved large houses and dreamed of having
a mansion someday, you know, when he was rich and famous?
well after we left the first mansion, my mom proclaimed, "that
was awesome! porter would have loved it!" and then she got
major goosebumps. and we decided that he did love it.}
we toured the breakers and the elms,
but didn't have time for any other's
because my mom needed more lobster bisque.
and this time it had sherry in it...
shhh. don't tell.
{wade tried to trick me once. and he told me that
alcohol cooks out of food. so its okay to eat it.
so i went like a whole year, not worrying if i ate food
with alcohol. (it's in like, everything out here) and THEN
one day, i looked it up. because google answers all my questions.
and guess what. it doesn't cook out. it's still like 80%
alcohol. more trivia for you. you're welcome}
here's some pictures of the elms mansion:
we tried to take pictures with it, 
but we looked like midgets and gave up.

and just for kicks
(and because i forgot to take pictures),
here's more pictures from the breakers mansion
last year, same month.
entirely different weather!


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Jenn said...

Wow! Those are amazing!

susette said...

I'm so glad we got to go and enjoy the nice weather!

susette said...

Hey!! Where is the cute ballet pose picture of you? That was the best one!