grandma fisher came to visit.

and she held baby miles everywhere we went.
and everyone thought she was the mom.
it's an easy mistake to make, really.
especially when her hair looks like this...

i'm just teasing.
it was windy.
but isn't she pretty?
i love love love my momma.


LL said...

that picture and your comment made me LAUGH!!!!!
Your mom is beautiful and doesn't look a day over 23. WOW!

the weisenburger life said...

I am so glad that you had some time with your sweet Mom. I'm suspicious that you sweet Mom feels like I do... grandchildren are the big payday of your life. It is a pleasure to tote them around and love on them when ever you can :o)

Stevo and Annie said...

haha. Love the picture. Their hair looks identical...well, almost.

LyndiLou said...

I adore your Mom. :) It's easy to see why you're sooo great, because she is too!

ari said...

too funny about the hair. What a nice visit though!