nauset light

on our little road trip to plymouth,
we decided to continue onto cape cod
and go exploring.
my mom is in love with lighthouses.
we had a room growing up that was decorated completely with lighthouses.
but she had never seen one.
so we were on a quest to find one.
and find one we did.
and the first words out of my mom's mouth were,
"it's a REAL lighthouse!"
yes, indeed.
it was real.

and here's a little bit of trivia for all you new englanders out there. nauset light is the lighthouse on all the cape cod potato chip bags!


LL said...

VERY COOL. So glad your mom was able to see a REAL lighthouse.
Beautiful pictures!

susette said...

And real exciting it was too :)

Stevo and Annie said...

So cool! Where is the boat though? haha

Roxy and Tommy said...

KALI and Momma to Kali! you look so pretty!

Kali- please look at my comment to yours and your mom's comments to my blog post about baby names. It is urgent.

I love you!