because my life just isn't exciting enough

we are having a party tonight.
that is not what this story is about.
but its the reason i've spent the entire morning cooking and baking.

something you should know about my kitchen:
it is small.
as in, there is probably a square foot of prep area.
so sometimes i use the stove as a spare counter.

earlier, i had made rice krispy treats with a fabulous chocolate topping. it was sitting on top of the stove in my favorite pyrex dish, minding its own business when some idiot (that would be me), turned on a burner. only i didn't pay attention to which burner. i'm waiting....waiting....waiting for the water to boil and nothing is happening. oh well, i carry on cutting tomatoes while i wait. and then suddenly there is an explosion and then next thing i know there is glass every where. you guessed. the burner i turned on just happened to be the one the rice krispies were sitting on. well after the initial shock of shattering glass spewing all over the kitchen, i came to my senses and realized what had happened. and then the rice krispies caught on fire.  and i lost my senses again and still didn't turn the burner off.

a reminder of why i love my husband:
as i stand there in my kitchen
staring at flames on the stove
and crying about all my hardwork ruined...
he is busy putting out a fire.

not to worry. we are okay. i miraculously came away from the traumatizing event with only a small burn on my fingers. oh and our apartment smells horribly of burned marshmallow and smoke.  add reason #234 to the list of why i can't wait to move: bigger kitchen.

p.s. feel bad for me that i have to throw away everything i made this morning. call me crazy, but i just don't feel right serving food items with a side of glass shard.

p.p.s. the good news of the day is my blog has come back to life! what a happy surprise!


susette said...

Please don't bring any of those catastrophic events home to Utah to my kitchen. Pretty please?

ari said...

So you want a BIGGER kitchen so you can have a BIGGER fire or what? J/K
Did you still have your party with your house smelling like burned marshmallow and smoke? Too funny!

Jenn said...

Oh my! That is a sad story. Remember when we made rice krispy treats the first time I came out to visit and we used unsalted butter so they didn't taste as good so you sprinkled salt on top then we ate almost the whole pan while watching The Office. Yeah. Good times.

Cortney said...

Oh my gosh! Well I'm glad that you're ok. Just keep remembering that the time is going to fly until you're back here..

The Searle Family said...

Oh Kali, I am so sorry! That just totally sounds like something I would do. Glad it wasn't worse! Hopefully it's just fun to laugh at now:)

Jillian said...

Hey! We saw your family this weekend. It was fun to chit chat and they are SOOOO excited to have you guys back here. It's cute :)

Glad that you got out of this explosion fest without any cuts or anything... that's scary!

Brittany said...

bahahah. Oh Kali! I really hope the firemen didn't come knocking down your door again. That would have been bad! Too bad you can't blame Cooper for this one haha