the drummer boy

once upon a time i was "dating" a drummer.
it doesn't really count as "dating" because he was the biggest flake on the face of the planet.
and he never had time for me because he had to practice his drums until all hours of the night.
and be all musician-y and stuff.
the funny thing is, he wasn't really my type.
and by not my type, i mean, he was sort of like a mountain man.
but somehow he got me to like him.
it took him a loooong time.
like almost a year.
he wrote me cute letters and said nice things and got me hooked.
and my friends thought i was crazy.
but as soon as i started liking him...
he started to not have time for me.
i was at school in logan.
he lived in orem.
he asked me to drive down to go on a date with him.
i went out of my way to make the drive.
and guess who flaked.
well, it wasn't me if that's what you're thinking.
i got all dolled up and i waited all night and i think about 11 pm he finally called.
"i can't do it tonight."
this was probably like the 15th time this had happened.
so i threw in the towel.
i was done.
i deleted him from my phone and never spoke to him again.
fast forward 1 year later.
i am married to the love of my life.
{and thank goodness....not mountain man drummer boy}
well guess who decides to text me.
yes. mountain man drummer boy.
the conversation went as follows:

mmdb: hey babe. how are you doing?
me: (thinking...what in the heck? who is calling me babe?) who is this?
mmdb: oh come on! you know who this is!
me: um. seriously. i don't.
mmdb: how could you forget me? it's mmdb!
me: oh hi. how are you?
mmdb: doing good.  we should get together sometime. i miss you.
me: um. i'm married.
mmdb: oh.

and right then and there i felt that i had finally gotten revenge.
isn't that like the ultimate rejection?
i hope he was super embarrassed.
the moral of the story is:
don't be a flake and think you can just call up an old flame
and rekindle it a year later.
they might just be married.


Julianne said...

incase you didn't get the idea, i'm laughing out loud.
oh goll, i just love you

Jenn said...

I remember mmdb. What a dummy.

LL said...

i LOVE that story.
happy day all is well. and flake boy is still single.

Whitney said...

Too funny, I love it. HA!

Kayleigh said...

Kali, thanks for the way nice comment! That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me :) And I LOVE this post. Ha ha love when people get what's coming to them :)

Kristine L. said...

Was this someone from high school? If so, I am dying to know who it is! Please tell me!

Jillian said...

Atta girl! Amen! That's the best story ever!

Amy said...

And I love that you are not only married but you have a child who is so cute and makes you much happier than mmdb ever could. I kinda remember hearing about him.

Emo Henshaw said...

LOVE this! I hate when they think you are still in love with them. SOOOOOOOOO not true! good for you for never talking to him. :) love it!

paige and jord said...

ha ha love this story. boys are seriously sooo dumb. {husbands are excluded from that... most of the time ;) }