the cops in boston do

for some reason, the city of boston finds it necessary to have a policeman (or several) standing at each construction/road work site. and i have never seen them do anything but:
a) talk to the other policemen 
b) talk to the construction workers or 
c) talk to the pedestrians.  
in my humble opinion, it's an awesome use of tax dollars... especially when its (b).

**just out of curiosity (and also because i'm a nerd) i googled again.
in 2003, these police were paid 34.70 an hour! i would love to stand in the middle of the road and make that kind of money. and this is sort of funny:
"...Massachusetts had the highest rate of accidents causing property damage and the second highest rate of accidents causing bodily injury between 1980 and 2000, though it is the only state where cities and towns routinely require police supervision at road construction sites."


The Bischoff's said...

I TOTALLY noticed that when we lived out there-- Why must they sit at every construction site?? crazy...

LyndiLou said...

I like you and your googling. :)