a few of my favorite things right now

home depot moving boxes.
ahhhh!! yes!! i'm finally packing. our. stuff.

it's been a while since i've read a really good book.
my sister-in-law recommended this and i'm loving it.
it's told from the point of view of death itself.
as in, death personified?
anyway, it's fabulous.
but i'm not done yet.

and last the best of all the game.
i really really really love summer.
and i pretty much wear flip flops everywhere i go.
and my feet get so dirty!
and one thing you should know is i cannot sleep with dirty feet.
so every night i scrub my feet before bed.
this stuff is heaven.
and it's cheap at walmart.
so get yourself a little pumice stone...
and discover pure bliss.

that is all.


susette said...

Well my dear, as of now you won't be needing that stuff in Utah. It just won't stop raining. Maybe by July it will warm up.

Michael and Mindy said...

Hey so I just found your blog through Shawnee's, and you are hilarious! I've only read a few posts, but I enjoyed all of them. We, too, just cut our babies hair for the first time, and I was so sad. My husband told me it was weird to save the hair, so I didn't. But I'm kind of wishing I would have. So be glad you did! He is SO cute by the way! Seriously love your blog. Sorry to be random, but I wanted to say hi. Hope you don't mind!

LyndiLou said...

I love boxes... I have a hard time recycling them. New ones make me smile. I love that you're moving out here so I too love your moving boxes! :) I hope we can play once you get here!