the birthday boy

turns 27!
wade had class tonight (and a test! blah), so i had to put my thinking cap on and figure out how to celebrate his birthday during the day. i surprised him with a little kayaking trip on the charles river. aside from the time we almost got rammed into by, not one, but two sailboats being steered by 10 year olds, and that our shoulders got quite the workout, we had a good time. that being said, we only lasted about an hour and we decided we were done. the city was pretty and the weather was perfect!

we then went to lunch at california pizza kitchen and were serenaded by this lovely bunch (who couldn't remember wade's name, and therefore called him "guy"?):

after wade came home from class, we opened presents and he blew out his candles. only 7 of them...because, well, lets be honest, i didn't feel like frosting 27 cupcakes.

happy birthday husby!


susette said...

What a sweet day! Happy Birthday Big "Guy".

Anonymous said...

I think that is what I will call him when I forget his name!

Anonymous said...

Oh and Happy Birthday Wade. See, I haven't forgotten your name yet. And I didn't forget your birthday either. I left a comment with Coopers on facebook earlier today.

Doran & Jody said...

Happy Birthday Wa...Gu...WadeGuy...GuyWade