my worst nightmare

came true.

We live in the basement of a 5-story, gigantic house.
This gigantic house has a security system that is armed 24/7.
when we come home, we have 30 seconds to punch in the code, or the alarm goes off.
usually we punch the code in after, like, 5 seconds.
it beeps loudly until you do.
so it's normal for me to hear that loud beeping when Wade comes home.
its also normal for me to hear him punch in the code as soon as he walks in.

I had just put miles to bed.  He was sleeping soundly.  I was finally sitting down to relax for the day and I heard the familiar beeping from upstairs.  I waiting for the code to be punched in.  But it was taking longer than normal.  I waited a little longer, wondering if maybe Wade just had his hands full or something.  Still no code.  The beeping started to get faster and louder as a warning to hurry up and punch it in.  I ran upstairs to see what was going on and there was no one there.  Just before the alarm began to sound, I heard sounds coming from the floor above me.  I could also hear the wind and the rain from the storm outside, as if a door or a window were open.  I didn't have much time to think.  I frantically ran downstairs, ripped Miles out of bed and grabbed my phone and made a run for it.  Out into the storm, barefoot, no jacket, with my confused little baby who was getting soaked by the second. 

this is not my picture. (thank you google images, once again.)  but it gives you a good visual of a brownstone...
there are two entries, one underneath the stairs and one above the stairs.  We never use the one above the stairs.

As I ran past the outside stairs, I looked up to see the two front doors wide open.
I rang the neighbor's doorbell over and over but no one answered (at least not quick enough for me), so I ran to the neighbor on the other side and rang their doorbell over and over.  In the meantime, I had managed to call 911, {which called UTAH's 911! hello! whats the point. don't worry, they transferred the call.} The neighbor answered and hurried me in from the storm, but I couldn't quite spit the words out.
"Someone's in my house. I think someone's in my house. The doors are open above the stairs. The alarm went off," all came out in very choppy sentences. 
the alarm company also notified the police, and a few minutes later, about 9 of them showed up.  I handed Miles over to the neighbor and went outside to meet them.  They didn't say much before they all swarmed the house like a crazy movie and went in screaming, "BOSTON POLICE!!"
they didn't find anything.
no one.
to help me feel safe, they walked me through all five floors. yes, I was accompanied by 9 police men as we walked through each floor and looked under every bed, in every closet, behind every shower curtain, to make sure I knew that there was no one in my house.  I still stayed with the neighbor until Wade could get home.

I don't know who opened that front door.  I don't know how.  I just know that I'm so grateful my little baby is ok. 

also - that i never want that to happen to me ever again.  how long do you think until I will be able to sleep at night?


Jenn said...

Creepy!!! I'm glad everything and everyone is ok!

LL said...

you poor thing. that made my heart race just reading it. Glad you were able to get the baby and find a neighbor home to help!

Scott and Kristy said...

I am so glad that you and Miles are OKAY, wow that is just odd

miriam said...

Oh my gosh Kali! How ever did someone get in? Was it the crazy storm blowing open the door? But you always keep both doors locked! That is so scary. I'm so glad you both are okay. What did Wade think?

Kristine L. said...

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry you poor thing. I am glad that everything turned out ok!

Doran & Jody said...

gulp. Glad you are ok.

Ms. Berg said...

ahhhhhh!!!! did they steal anything? text me when you read this. i'm so glad both of you are ok.

The Searle Family said...

Kali, that is so scary. I hate that you will never know what really happened, but I am so glad you are okay. You are so smart to run out by instinct. My sister actually walked into a robber in her house a few months ago. It was so traumatizing, luckily everything was okay and he just ran out and they caught the guy.So glad you and Miles are okay. I hope you are okay and not too scared, Im so sorry!

Stevo and Annie said...

Wow...why do these types of crazy things always happen to you!? Your camera, now this!
I would invite you to our house, but ya know, something really bad might happen while you're here. Jk! Lets do dinner at our house soon!

We need to chat. I tried running on Monday...and it lasted abt 2 minutes before my knees started hurting again. Running is torturous...

The Silvas said...

Oh my gosh, that is super scary! I'm glad it turned out good and that you and Miles are okay! Love ya!

Launi said...

Ohhhhh my----KALI...you were so protected! Do you know that? I promise you that all those Mama prayers that you and your family will be kept safe DO work.

I'm sooo grateful that you and the baby are ok.

Julianne said...

thats so FREAKY!
im such a scaredy cat as it is, i dont think i'd be sleeping for months if this happened to me. what a brave mama you are!

THE Bjarnson's said...

WOW, that is so scary! I'm so glad you guys are okay. My parents house was broken into and my jewlery and my step mothers was taken etc.. The Police said that the ppl had been in our home before or that we knew them.. People make me sick!

ari said...

Ooh, that is so scary. One time when Neal was at work, a night shift, someone tried to break into my house. I was too scared to look out the window and see who it was, I could have but just didn't dare. I never did find out who it was but am completely certain it was someone who lived in my neighborhood and knew that Neal was away at work!
I am glad that you are fine and hopefully, it was just all a "fluke" and was really nothing!!! Easy to say huh?

the hopkins said...

OH MY HECK! Stories like this scare the crap out of me!!! ah!! I am sooooooooo glad that no one was in your house... but that is just so weird! I mean, how?? We have an alarm in our house too, and I'm glad, it makes me feel more safe. I don't want to scare you even more, but what if that alarm wasn't in your house?!? I'm glad nothing bad happened. And that you and miles are safe.

LyndiLou said...

Holy crap Kali... I'm sooo glad that you guys are ok!!! It makes me sick to think of something happening to you, or your baby, or your home. FREAK... I'm SOOO glad you're safe!!! I'm sorry that happened to you and hope you can feel safe and sleep well again soon!

Curtis, Jen and Shaylie said...

man! That is scary! You are so smart though! I wouldn't have taken my baby out to the neighbors because I wouldn't have thought to do that. Good motherly instincts!

Jillian said...

You have my permission never to have that happen to you or your family again.

There :) All is well.

Actually, if you want something it reminded me of, I was almost kidnapped from my front yard when I was five. Scary stuff.