dear auntie viva,

i'm so happy you came to visit me.
i'm real sorry that i was grumpy the entire time you were here.
i had an ear infection and my ridiculous parents didn't even know.
but hello! that's why i was screaming all day!
anyway, thanks for being my valentine while mom and dad went out.
i quite enjoyed watching the olympics with you.
and i think you make awesome cupcakes.
also, thanks for changing my poopy diapers and taking care of me while my mom was throwing up.
(and then cleaning up her throw up... sheesh auntie viva, that's worse than my diapers!)
so i'm pretty sure that was your worst vacation ever, but you probably couldn't have come at a better time.
i know my mom and dad really appreciated your help at this new parenting thing.
i promise next time you see me, i'll be on my best behavior.
love, baby miles 


*juli* said...

sounds like you've had a rough past few days. you poor thing. on a positive note, baby miles is getting big and is cuter than ever.
and i'm pretty sure changing poopy diapers and cleaning up throw-up was well worth the time auntie viva got to spend with mr.miles. i know it'd be worth it for me. is that weird? since we're blog buddies? but I'd still clean up your vomit to hang out with your baby cuz he's so stinkin cute?

brittany barney said...

ok you are gorgeous. and your son is darling. thanks for coming to my blog. it made my day! loves!

Matt and Katelyn Risenmay said...

Miles just has the most innocent and adorable little face. He is so cute and getting so big! Sorry you were sick, that is really hard when you have a baby, especially when that baby has an ear infection. Feel better soon(You & Miles) :)

ari said...

what an adorable baby. He seriously is soooo cute. I hope you just had a short "flu" and are feeling better.
Don't beat yourself up too bad about the ear infection, Miles should have told you!! No seriously, sometimes it is really hard to know what is wrong and it just isn't always obvious. The fact that you figured it out, is awesome! I wonder sometimes how my kids ever survived me.

Amanda said...

Ha that was way cute! I have not even gotten to see my sister since she moved home :(

The Searle Family said...

Oh Jenn is so sweet:) So nice to have her there and help you out. Im so sorry you were sick and miles had an ear infection:( By the way, I LOVE the brick in your apt, its so fun!

Jenn said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I'm SO glad that I could come and hang out. Seriously I just needed to relax after being so stressed and out of control busy so it was perfect. I will miss you guys for the next 6 months!

THE Bjarnson's said...

Ah I'm glad your friend was able to come.. and help you while she was their.. love the picture!

susette said...

Auntie Viva was one lucky lady to get to spend time with such a precious family. I'm so excited for when it's my turn. I can't wait to squeeze that little dude. He's getting too big already. Slow down there Miles!!

The Silvas said...

Ohh, poor thing - Sierra hasn't had ear infections (YET) (Knock on wood) the joys of parenthood!

the hopkins said...

I hope miles is doing better!! Cohen had rvs a couple weeks ago, it's so sad when your little baby is sick!
How nice that you guys got to go our for valentines! We just celebrated with the three of us ha.

LyndiLou said...

What a freaking cute little dude you've got there!!! *:D* I'm sooo glad that you've got a great friend like Jen! You deserve her!