am i done doing this yet?!
I am running out of things to talk about.

one year for Christmas, my cute mom gave me a sewing machine.
this was back when I was younger and stupid and pretty much a spoiled brat.
{i can't believe I'm telling this story! it's so embarrassing and sad}
I cried when I opened it and said,
"why did you give me a sewing machine? I don't even know how to sew."
and then my mom cried and she said she thought I would like it.
i basically ruined Christmas that year.
so we took it back.
and I got the money instead.
and who even knows what I spent it on.
all I know is, I wish I still had that sewing machine.
because my older, wiser self wants one really bad.
and my heart still hurts for being so mean to my mom.
oh the things I wish I could take back.
and how lucky am I that my mom still loves me?

i'm so sorry mom. i love you a lot a lot a lot.


The Rowburys said...

I think we were all like that when we were younger. I would love to have a sewing machine, I would love to learn how to sew.

The Searle Family said...

I wish I never let my mom take me out of piano lessons. I fought her on it so bad, but now I only wish I knew how to play.

Lindsay said...

haha Kali that is a great story! I can't believe you have made it this far with the posts. You've only got to come up with 2 more now! Congrats

As far as relating to this one I was opposite. I always pretended I loved all my Christmas gifts even if I didn't. :) I just never used them if I didn't want them.

Jenn said...

Haha weren't you just saying the other day how you want one? I used to sew a lot and made dresses and jumpers (yes jumpers. That shows you how long ago this was.)and all sorts of stuff. Now I can't do much besides sew a straight line. Sad.

susette said...

I love you more sweetie ♥

The Silvas said...

I would love to learn how to sew also!

Matt and Katelyn Risenmay said...

Isn't it funny how back then you thought a sewing machine was lame but now that you are older, married, and a parent, a sewing machine would be awesome to have. I totally want one :)

Ms. Berg said...

Once for Christmas I had this huge present sitting by the tree and I was wicked excited to open it. Christmas morning came around and I opened it to find a huge doll. I couldn't have been more disappointed. It was my mom's effort to yank me out of my tomboy ways. Right after that my brother pulled a roller hockey stick out from behind the tree that he got me and I was so ecstatic I couldn't contain myself; I was smiling and jumping up and down. I think that was when my parents realized that their efforts failed miserably.

McKenna said...

Oh, the regret you must feel. One Christmas I was given a box set of cd cases of all varieties. I ended up taking it back and getting a small cd case thinking that I only needed a small one, plus one cd. Turns out that I really could have used a bigger case, and I felt really bad afterwords because my mom said that she looked all over and had a really hard time that year finding a gift for me and when she saw that gift she knew it was perfect. I still feel terrible about it. Poor mommies, what they go through for us SPOILED BRATS.

* I was fortunate to be given a serger by a dear friend, and was given a sewing machine by my sister although it needs some fixing and it's missing a pedal. You can come over and use it anytime you want. ;)

THE Bjarnson's said...

I remember being those days.. of being spoiled and getting a ton of stuff and complaing about things like your sewing machine. I'm always in the mood to sew I just never do it.

ari said...

One year, Todd had asked for a bike. But, having, probably, at least 5 kids at the time, we couldn't justify getting him a bike and not the other kids. We couldn't afford to buy one for everyone. I will NEVER forget the disappointment on his face. So sad. Funny thing is, when I have reminded him of this, well, he can't remember!!!

the hopkins said...

I got a sewing machine for Christmas.... and I can't believe I haven't used it yet!! I guess I just keep thinking life will slow down a little... and it doesn't. Hopefully I can use it this week.
Anyway, I too have said some things to my parents (when I was younger) that I would take back in a second if I could... It's a good things parents are understanding and love their kids so much!

LyndiLou said...

Ohhh... I acted a little like that one year when I got a bedspread for Christmas. I was embarrassed to think of going back to school and telling my friends that's what I got. How stupid is that! :P I still feel bad about it and talked to my friend about it when she read this. I brought it up in the YW's class class that I teach today, and told the girl's NOT to ruin Christmas by being selfish (or something like that...). I'm sorry you have a hard memory like that. I'm glad that we both have loving and forgiving Moms. :) We're lucky!

*juli* said...

I got a sewing machine for christmas once. thinking I'd be this awesome seamstress. turns out, I've used it like.... 3 times.

Curtis, Jen and Shaylie said...

I was a brat. Each birthday I would get something that I didn't like and I couldn't lie because when I wouldn't use it, I'd get in trouble so I always told the truth and still felt so bad and hope shaylie doesn't do that to me!

Jillian said...