so there i was, standing in the kitchen, minding my own business and washing the dishes (again with the dishes already! one would think i'm obsessed) when wade, who was in the bedroom and out of sight folding laundry, comes strutting his stuff into the kitchen,
in my sports bra.

apparently while folding laundry, he had gotten somewhat bored and a bit curious. and yes, he put on my sports bra. and then excitedly came to tell me that 
"This was the end of all (his) posture problems!"
pretty sure last time i wore a sports bra, i was running 4 miles, and it actually created a posture problem to begin with.  but if he wants to strap himself tightly around the chest and shoulders just to sit up straight, more power to him.

and in case you are waiting for a picture, there isn't one.
my deepest apologies.


ChloƩ said...

haha, that is totally something sean would do! too funny! so sad you don't have a picture though! that would have been awesome.

The Silvas said...

Dang! I agree! A picture would have been awesome!!!

Mame said...

I remember you going
I remember your scrapbook
I remember you wanting to go again
I remember wanting to steal your scrapbook, make copies, send it to Oprah and hope she would pay for you to go again
I am really, REALLY sad I never did that - I have actually thought about it a few times over the years.

I remember being jealous you went
I remember it all :o)

susette said...

What a total goofball! Good thing we all love him so much :)

Jenn said...

Hahahaha I am dying of laughter.

Scott and Kristy said...

That is so funny, I am so proud of my son

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the image that conjured up in my aging mind wasn't pretty! Auntie M.

ari said...

yes, I would have to agree, the pic would have been great because it would probably less frightening to my brain than what I created on my own!! (I had 5 sons remember, ooh, it can really be frightening!)

the hopkins said...

Oh my gosh hahaha this is sooo funny! I wish Preston would do funny things like this to make me laugh. You guys are cute.

Launi said...

No, no...No pictures are necessary. Thanks anyway. My kids used to dress the little boys up in girls clothes and take pictures to use as blackmail later. Too bad neither one of them cared. They thought it was funny.

LyndiLou said...

Ha ha ha... does he know that you posted this?!? ;)

I'm pretty sure the only thing of mine that Nate has worn is my socks. On accident. :D