washington dc

The White House
(there were snipers on the roof! yikes!)

remember that time jetblue messed up my flight? Well we got a good deal on some flights and decided to go to dc. lucky for us, we have some great friends who were living there for the summer and who were kind enough to let us stay with them and be our personal tour guides around the city. (love you, brooke and heather!) I've never quite been a history person... I must confess that it bores me just a little. I'm sure many of you could say the same about english literature, so we're even. Anyway, it was so awesome to see all the sites and museums and Wade quite enjoyed himself. He could spend DAYS in one museum. Me? I'm done in 10 minutes. My highlight of the trip was meeting up with my long lost friends.

(fyi...I have a horrible memory. please do not mock me if I don't know the
proper names of these buildings ok?)

The Capitol

Heather and Wade...doing what they do best. Being smart.
and talking about smart things. such as presidents engraved in stone.

Library of Congress

The lovely Heather and I, sitting on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial

Does this man look familiar? (not the one in green) Well, he should. and he's famous.
because he's in the museum of portraiture.

The Jefferson Memorial (my favorite, I might add, even if I did have to trek
across the entire city to see it)

World War II Memorial. Proud to be a Utahn, in case you can't tell.

Wade at the World War II Memorial. He is also proud to be a Utahn. He just
doesn't show it as well.

We took a long walk. And saw the Potomac river...

and somehow ended up in Virginia.

California Tortilla

We failed miserably at documenting that Brooke was with us (that...and every picture
I have with her is hideous). So here is proof.
It seems that she likes riding escalators.


susette said...

Is That Brooke Tenney?? I'm so confused. Brooke and Heather are roommates?

How fabulous you got to see all that history stuff. I would have enjoyed it now that I'm old. I didn't either when I was your age Kali dear.

Scott and Kristy said...

That looks so fun, We really want to go to D C one day, and You both look so good, can't wait to come and see you.

Jason and Lesley said...

What fun pictures! Jason and I get to go out there in December and it makes me so excited to see all these pictures. :) How are you these days? You looks SO cute pregnant, by-the-way.

Ms. Berg said...

Haha! Kali, your comments are the best part. Could I get a copy of your DC photos as you're a fantastic photographer? When I got home I thought about how great it was that I never have to ride that metro anymore. But upon returning home and finding out that my car is broken... and will take $1200 to fix... and going on my 3rd week without a car.... and knowing that I'm not going to have one anytime soon... I'm starting to think that a metro in Utah would be a good investment for taxpayers.

LyndiLou said...

Oooh fun!!! I've never been to Washington DC... and I think I'd feel a bit like you when it comes to all the different "smart" government-ish buildings... but I would go any way! Yay for being from Utah and for being proud! You're super cute and I love you! Still super excited for you to be a sweet little Mommy!!! YAY!