after many requests for pictures, here is my belly a few weeks ago...i feel like it grows larger every day.This was in Washington, DC...which i still have to post about. As well as like 15 other things. But I've been spending all my time having extreme home makeover moments at our new apartment, only I'm the only one doing them. And the whole time I think about how great it would be to just have a whole entire team do it for me and walk in and be surprised. Painting, ripping wallpaper off the walls, cleaning, and altogether bending over way too much. Which hurts me. But hopefully when I'm done it will feel more like a home and less like...a dirty, mouse infested, dungeon? (that being said...please don't hesitate to come visit...psh) ok. love you. bye.


The Searle Family said...

I love your belly:) You look so cute miss Kali, I miss you!

The Hopkins said...

Cute belly I can't belive you're already 28 weeks! Wow that went fast. And oh this is bringing back so many memories, it hurts so bad to bend over when your belly gets big!

ari said...

Not only a cute belly, but a cute purse! Glad all is well. I don't check your blog often, but it is fun when I do. Keep up the good work.
Arlene Bilbao