crane beach


once upon a time, before we had a car (we looooooooove it! more to come...), we took the commuter rail to Ipswich. This involved running to catch a train (i feel like you should know that I am smacking a mosquito that keeps landing on the computer screen and i am very distracted) and much people watching. Wade has long been obsessed with Ipswich. Why? I have no clue. I think he just likes to say, "Ipswich." So it was a dream come true to finally travel here. Until he got there and his poor world was shattered. Ipswich was not everything he dreamed it would be. And now I don't have to listen to him beg to move there anymore. ANYWAY the real reason we went was not for the town, but for the beach. Crane Beach. We layed in the sun all day. and even got in the water like twice. for 3 second intervals. It's cold, people. Try as we might, we cannot find a beach to meet our california beach expectations. But this one got close, in that it had sand. We're finding that these beaches have their own beauty though and we were quite fond of this one.

(this is wade's beard that he grew for a loooong time. to make his "man trip" across the country with his friend official. i will never understand boys. never. more about that to come as well. I'll let him tell it though.)
crane beach1


Miriam said...

That is so weird. We went to this very beach yesterday! And I loved it!

Scott and Kristy said...

so very pretty, looks like you had alot of fun

The Bischoff's said...

Have you been to Hampton Beach in NH? It is my very favorite beach around!

Anonymous said...

Try Hampton Beach in NH. It is as close as it gets to CA.

LyndiLou said...

I love your pictures... always and forever! :) Keep posting them, k?!? :)