oh the joys

today I walked out to the curb where we parked our car last night.
only...our car wasn't there.
I thought to myself, "Am I losing my mind? I swear we parked here."
and then I saw what we apparently missed last night:

$202 dollars later...

and some investigation as to where exactly they take your car

we had our car back.

remember yesterday when i said, "we looooooove it!"? i lied.
we do love having a car. but on days like this, we basically hate it.
oh the joys of city living and street (parallel) parking.


Scott and Kristy said...

"oh" Wade and Kali, now that it's all done it's kinda funny :)

Felt Family said...

TOW truck drivers probably get punished in the next life. Last time mine was towed it was 250. Kinda makes me want to lash out with RAGE.

LyndiLou said...

Oh man!!! Not cool. Maybe we'll see your car on Parking Wars or whatever that one show is! ;)